Friday, 22 April 2016

Oh What A Tangled Web We Weave!

This morning was spent catching up with some housework, clearing corners ( how DO they get so full up?) and a quick trip to Lidl's.
My next task was to complete the Student Finance application for Teen One.
She filled in her part a day or two ago and said it was quick and easy...she was unsure why college had ran workshops on it!
I completed  my part yesterday...bit of a faff I must say.
Interest on savings is easy...check the annual letter
Salary was easy...none
Dividend on we have shares??? Oh yes, the free ones Abbey National gave us years ago.
The dividends for these are teeny tiny amounts, I had to go through the file and find all the notifications for 2014-2015....then double check with the bank account that I had kept/received all the notifications ( did I REALLY have to do it for such small amounts...who knows, but  best to err on the side of caution)
It was the grand sum of £5.68!
I pressed the send button on the online application and thought I would get all the paperwork out for hubby to complete his.
Well...if I thought mine was a faff...his was even worse!
Not helped by the fact Halifax don't send through notifications of dividends (more free shares) and can I find where the money goes??? Of course not!
I think it must go into an old small account hubby has, looking back in the book for 2009 he had dividends of 25p and the like going in, so I have decided as the book hasn't been used/updated since then its going to be more of the same and probably wont amount to a whole pound...I hope they will forgive us for not declaring ALL our income!
The next thing was, they needed to know the income for any other I had to go through and check all of Teen Two's finances ( makes him sound like a me...he isn't!)
One wonders why his savings etc should have an impact on Teen One's student loan, but there we go, it does.
Finally, having spent a bit of time working out Hubby's ISA interest ( 'cos Lloyds don't make it easy and send an annual statement that shows the interest) I realised tax free savings didn't need to be declared...and I included mine yesterday!
Oh well....that will make up for the Halifax dividends I didn't declare!
The send button has now been pressed so hopefully that's the end of it!
Now then, I hope I am not the only one who seems to have a certain amount of their wool stash in a big tangled heap!
For years...yes years...I kept this colourful pile of woolly spaghetti in a carrier, always intending to sort it out.
In fact some of it was sorted out...if you look close enough you will see little balls neatly wound up...but the problem was, before I could finish the untangling...when I put the bundle away for another day, the little balls would come out to play again and become a part of the original mess.
On one of my clear outs I decided I was never going to have the time to sort this out so the only thing for it was to throw it away.
It made it downstairs to the back door, ready to go in the dustbin....but then I thought maybe I could use it for Friday club one day!
So, it went down to the store cupboard at church and has twice been the source of more fun than you could ever imagine!
Our story tonight was David the shepherd boy using cut out sheep, the children were left with this humongous pile of "rubbish" and this is what they created.
They absolutely loved rummaging through, finding the odd bit of knitting or a crochet flower.....wool of every colour, some rainbow, some gold, some velvety....when they heard one say "Ooo I've found some fluffy wool" they all decided they wanted some, so the search was on, until the next person found some new "must have."
The sheep on the left is supposed to have the Union flag design...a little girl was obviously taken with all the flags she saw yesterday for the Queens Birthday and wanted to re create it!
The sheep on the right looks like it will be awfully hot when the sun comes out!
For me, all those different colours were memories of things I have made...going back before the Teens were born even!
It was fun looking at it and recalling some of the items.
Who would have thought such a bundle of rubbish could have produced such a happy evening?
I must say though, the more I think about it, the more I worry tangled heaps are a bit of family sewing box has the most horrendous tangled mess of cotton threads in it, making it impossible to get the one out I want ( I intend to use the new sewing box I showed yesterday to have the reels all laying neatly!) and Hubby has a big sports bag FULL of leads....all tangled up like a bowl of spaghetti!
Teen Two seems to have endless problems with his headphone leads and as for Teen One and all that long hair...well of trouble at all!
Daily Blessing
Friday April 22, 2016
Today's Psalm:
   Wait on the LORD: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the LORD.


  1. I cant tell you how many hours I have spent over the years untangling - at the moment the chain in the dog leads is all tangled and I am darned if I can untangle it!

  2. It's obviously a family thing then!