Thursday, 14 April 2016

Land That I Love

Today was the re start of  Mother and Toddlers and Dear Old Friend came along.
She is besotted with little ones...stopping complete strangers in the street to admire their baby or tot.
So today she was in her element!
To keep her busy whilst I was getting organised, I gave her a baby doll to dress.
We have several dolls and a big basket of hand knitted clothes.
When I saw how much she enjoyed this task, I quietly went round and undressed all the dolls, then one by one gave them to her!
She really enjoyed dressing the little babes and made sure she put on matching hat and cardi etc.
She then carefully placed them in their pushchairs and tucked them up with our small crocheted blankets.
Once home it was time to catch up with some washing etc, then a quick break before heading next door to do his housework.
I am totally addicted to the English Heritage passion fruit curd I bought the other day, it is so delicious!
I had it on wholemeal bread for breakfast and again for lunch!
I don't think this jar is going to see the week out!
I will have to revisit the castle, which is in the same road as Teen Two's school next time I pick him up!
The daffodils my neighbour's son gave me are all out in bloom, and are such a delicate colour!
I haven't seen these ones before.
I think I have mentioned before, but whenever we go on holiday, or somewhere special, I always like to try and buy a tea towel.
Unlike my grandmother, who kept all her "good" tea towels in a drawer, never to see any action, I like to use mine.
Each day as I go about the sometimes dreary business of clearing up, I am transported back to a happy time with the family.
So it will come as no surprise to you that I made a couple of purchases when we were away!
I particularly love the one on the right, and the sentiments really are true
"Land that I love."
However, if I think about it deeply, it is the people that we love in the US more than the land...and something we learnt on our trip this time really made us appreciate our own land, here in the UK.
A retired couple we know have needed a lot of prescribed medication in recent times.
We learnt that there is an insurance you can take out, which means you only pay something like 20% of the cost of any prescription.
Doesn't sound too bad does it...until you learn the insurance premium is $500 A MONTH....and even with that, the couple we know (infact this is the wife, not both of them) have spent over $3000 in recent months...and that is just 20% of the bill!
I really don't know how retired folk over there manage.
How grateful I was for our NHS, which provides free prescriptions for our retired folk, and for those
of us who pay for our prescriptions, the costs is just £8.25, no matter the cost of the prescribed item.
Like any large organisation, the NHS comes in for a lot of criticism, but when I hear how much medical care costs in other lands, I am thankful that I live here in the UK....the land that I love!
Daily Blessing
Thursday April 14, 2016
Today's Verse:
   And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

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