Thursday, 21 April 2016

Happy 90th Birthday Your Majesty

Well I can't let the moment pass to wish our Queen Elizabeth II a very happy 90th birthday.
What an amazing lady to still be carrying out public duties...and as one of my dear helpers at mother and toddlers said today...and all those stairs without a stick!
I have loved the new family pictures...especially little Mia holding her Grandma's handbag!
So sweet!
For the activity table at Mother and Toddlers today, we made ...crowns of course!
They all loved sticking on the stars then choosing their jewels, and once made they spent the rest of the morning playing in them!
I was particularly pleased as it was a last minute decision on my part to do something in keeping with this special day!
If only I could be more organised I could have thought have something that would have lasted longer than the crown.
This afternoon was spent mainly helping my neighbour, giving him lunch ( to give his son a few rare hours to himself) then cleaning his house.
I was rather pleased in the week, when a friend of theirs visited, then came to see me and mentioned (without knowing I do the cleaning) that the house was so clean and didn't have any smell, often associated with old age!
That was good to hear!
When my neighbour's son came to see his father later on, he knocked my door and gave me this delightful sewing box!
Inside are all sorts of bits and bobs, with a story to tell no doubt.
My neighbour's son is sorting out the effects of a 93year old friend who passed away recently.
His wife died many years ago and this box belonged to her.
I was told it would just be thrown on the skip if I didn't want it...well we cant have that can we!
Tonight was footy for Teen Two...but unfortunately within minutes of the match starting he sustained an injury!
Ironically he wasn't going to go tonight, having had a long day at school, staying on for revision till 4.30pm.
A bag of ice and raised feet was the order of the evening for him...and just as I was settling down for the evening with him, I had a text from a friend to say her ten month old granddaughter had a raging temperature.
So I offered to go and get some extra medicine from the large Tesco near by.
Whilst there I couldn't resist looking at the bakery section just in case there were some bargains... and yes there were...iced buns 13p, crumpets 13p, Hovis bread we are all enjoying an unexpected treat!
Daily Blessing
Thursday April 21, 2016
Today's Promise:
   And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.

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  1. Poor teen two! Hopefully the injury will soon settle down. Well done on the bargains! How exciting to look through the sewing box. Xxxx