Friday, 1 April 2016

Day Seven Of Our US Adventure: Ice Cream and Apple Cider

Last night we had a knock at the bedroom door, asking if we wanted "turn down service."
To be honest I wasn't entirely sure what that meant....I mean...did it mean turning back the bed linen ready for us getting in to...well we hardly needed help with that...maybe it meant something else as well...whatever it was, it was probably going to we declined politely.
As the housekeeper left she gave us a chocolate each...mmm...what a treat.
It wasn't until a couple of hours later I worried that maybe we should have given her a tip?!
We all had a good nights sleep, it was so peaceful, we didn't hear a thing all night!
In the morning Teen One and I enjoyed the luxury of a "Trapp Family Lodge" embroidered robe...perfect after our bath.
This view from our bedroom window really is breathtaking...and would have been even more so had there been more snow around...
...but here and there were piles that Teen Two was delighted to find... he could finally build a snowman.
Its been some years since he was able to do that and every winter longs for the snow to fall!
This little fenced off area is the private graveyard of the Von Trapp Family...
...and this is Maria's grave.
She was in her 100th year when she died!
Memorabilia to the Sound of Music is all around the hotel, as well as lovely photos of the real family.
I think they have the balance just right.
There is a little gift shop in the hotel and I treated myself to the book we had in the room...I just did not have time to read very much last night....and I also bought Maria's well as a music score fridge magnet of Eidleweiss....after all...its what drew us to the Lodge in the first place!
All too soon, it was time to say goodbye to that lovely balcony view...
...and that lovely Lodge.
One night was not enough time to do justice to the warm hospitality and ambience of this unique hotel....but we have so many memories to take away with us already!
So....with that little adventure over, it was time to head on to the next one...
Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream Factory!
We booked ourselves onto a tour and enjoyed learning about how Ben and Jerry got started.
I hadn't realised how ethical their brand is and will feel more inclined to buy their brand from now on...for treats at least.
The tour was fun, very reasonable, $4 each, and we got to sample some of their delicious ice cream too...infact Teen Two got two portions!
This fake ice cream tickled Teen Two...
...and Teen One fell in love with these sweet little tubs of lip balm.
This is the Number One seller.
Whoever knew there were so many designs for ice cream scoops!
On the way out the Teens had their pictures taken inside the cut outs of the Ice cream lid on the right.
If you are ever in the area, I can recommend a visit!
Stowe in Vermont is a delightful place to drive through, with many traditional stores, selling maple syrup, antiques, cheeses, apple products and many more things.
I was keen to visit a cider press...which unlike cider in the UK, is not alcoholic.
Cold Hollow Cider Press is a charming place to visit.
There were apple products aplenty to try, apple butter ( a spread, not dairy butter as you might imagine) chutney's, marmalades...all manner of appley deliciousness!
As well as gifts of every kind...generally with an apple theme.
There are even apple doggy treats made out from the pulp left from the cider making process!
And if that wasnt about Cider donuts!
They were being sold hot off the of course we just had to buy some!
The Teens enjoyed a game of Noughts and style of course...whilst the donuts cooled down in the bag.
We all enjoyed the cider sampling...fresh from the is like our UK cloudy apple juice.
We didn't buy any maple syrup but I couldn't resist this little recipe books.
Before we knew it, it was time to get started on the long journey back.
We stopped off for a quick burrito then headed straight back to Connecticut without any further stops.
I did a little bit of knitting in the car, but tiredness got the better of me and I had a nap for most of the way!
We are now back in our friends home....which is like a second home to us now.
We are being serenaded by a host of peeper frogs...they will probably be peeping away all night, its rather soothing I must say!
Daily Blessing
Friday April 1, 2016
Today's Psalm:
   This is the day which the LORD hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.



  1. What a lovely day - I particularly liked the ice cream tour - very reasonable price!

  2. That sounds like a whole weeks holiday packed into 24 hours!!!xxx