Sunday, 3 April 2016

Day Nine of Our US Adventure: Literary Giants and Little Critters!

This morning started with a most delicious brunch at Monet's Table, courtesy of a dear friend.
The hardest part of the morning was choosing which of the delectable items to choose for our late breakfast.
In the end I opted for crabcakes with  lemon hollandaise sauce, with fruit...sounds an unusual mix, but it was delicious.
Teen One went for eggs benedict with smoked salmon.
Whilst the three of us had a girlie morning, Teen Two and Hubby were in a school, watching our friends son in his Robotics Team challenge.
I understand it was great fun...very loud...and very unique for us Brits.
After brunch, our friend took us to the most amazing popcorn making place!
There were tasting pots for every flavour...
...and the flavour choices were endless!
These were the few I brought home....maple syrup and bacon, cheddar cheese, chocolate mint, jalapeno, honey, autumn name a few!
Our next port of call was a delightful independent shop called O'Live a Little.
It had all kinds of oils and vinegars, something Teen One in particular enjoys sampling.
I hadn't come across this before, so was intrigued to learn about it.
No doubt they will be popular in the UK soon....unless they already are and it has by passed me!
After much sampling...Teen One opted for the following flavours:
Apricot, Coconut White, Pomegranate, Raspberry.
Our friend had been to a Farmers Market a while back and learnt that a small amount of flavoured vinegar in Perrier Water makes a refreshing drink...we are eager to try it!
This was one snack we were not eager to try!
Next we visited a local chocolatier.
The store was filled with all manner of chocolate treats, I chose this "Connecticut" shaped bar for Hubby  (shh, don't tell!) and the UConn bar for Teen Two.
He loves their husky sweatshirts so will be tickled pink when he sees this!
Our final destination with our friend was to the Mark Twain Museum and House.
This Lego model of him made me wish Teen Two was with us!
As it turned out my "wish" came true!
My friend realised the school her husband and son were at was very plans were made for Hubby and Teen Two to meet us when we were finished!
Photos were not allowed inside the house, but the talk was interesting.
I must confess to knowing very little about Mark Twain...not even knowing his real name was Samuel Clemens.
It was a very grand house and some of his most famous works were written there, such as Huckleberry Finn, Tom Sawyer, Prince and The Pauper, An Innocence Abroad....and I must confess they were the only titles I had actually heard of!
Teen One and I had promised ourselves we would read The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer before we left the UK, as we had thought it would be interesting to visit Mark Twains house...however that never today I bought a copy of both books and we have promised ourselves we will become more educated on these literary classics as soon as possible!
Just across the way from Mark Twain's House is the home of another Literary giant
We would like to see that house sometime...but left that for another day.
Shortly after our tour finished, Teen Two and Hubby met us in the reception area....Teen Two had fun "goofing" around!
By now it was almost 4pm and Teen One and I, having skipped lunch were feeling a little peckish.
Having seen McDonalds "Chicken Sausage Sandwich" advertised throughout the week, we decided we would like to try it!
Isn't this the prettiest McDonalds you have seen!
Beautiful spring flower beds outside...
...with daffodils at their peek....
...inside the tables had spring flowers.....
...and spring decorations...
...even the light hangings were decorated with spring coloured ribbons!
With the late lunch over, it was time to head back to our friends house...this time...we had the great excitement of knowing our hosts would by now be home from their winter stay in Florida.
They are such good friends, so kind and have been in their lovely home for a week and not see them, was unusual to say the least!
It was with much joy we walked through their door and were greeted by them!
Not only were we delighted to be in their presence...within an hour of being home we were relieved to have their expertise to hand!!
Hubby came to me with my glasses and asked me to examine his tummy!
I suddenly realised ticks are a big problem over here...especially deer tick ( and did I mention we had a deer jump out in front of the car last night!)
I could see a large dark red "spot" on his tummy, the like of which I had never seen we asked our friends to take a look, and straight away they knew it was a tick....firmly imbedded into poor Hubby!
The good news was, it was too big for a deer tick.
The bad news was, it was going to have to be removed...and it had already made its home rather too well into Hubbys tum!
With a hot pair of tweezers and all kinds of cleaning potions....our friend carefully extracted this unwelcome  lodger!
Of course we all started to itch and worry we might have suffered the same fate after our lovely walk in the woods yesterday!
Initial examinations would suggest we are ok....but we are all feeling a little itchy and uneasy right now!
(NB this is not Hubby's tum...I thought the sight of an imbedded tick might be too much for some!)
Daily Blessing
Sunday April 3, 2016
Today's Psalm:
   As the hart panteth after the water brooks, so panteth my soul after thee, O God.


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