Friday, 1 April 2016

Day Eight of Our US Adventure: A Magical Walk In The Woods!

Starting with last night...when the Teens got to bed, they discovered the Easter Bunny had been!
Our friends daughter had kindly hidden these cute bunnies in their sweet!
I hadn't thought much about what the date was when I saw this upturned paper cup in the bathroom...with a mysterious message on it...I spent some time wondering whether I should lift it or now...what was underneath? Would I regret it if I did peek? I left it for all of about ten seconds then could resist the temptation no longer ( shades of Eve!)
I gingerly lifted the cup....waiting for some foreign creature to jump out of me...a hideous spider no doubt....but it didn't move...however I didn't give it a second chance...popped the cup back down and rushed downstairs to ask who had captured whatever it was!
Turns out is was that little minx Teen One playing an April Fools prank on us!
It was nothing more than a scrunched up tissue!
Had me!
Today we had planned a stay at home day...time to catch up with the unpacking, washing, some tidying and catching our breath!
The washing machines over here are HUGE!
Tide is reminiscent of my childhood, I don't think we get it back home anymore...
...if for one moment you thought "ahh...poor her....stuck in doing the washing on holiday....think again...this is the view I had from the utility room!
With the doors open, we could hear chickadee's sing and see Mr and Mrs Sparrow taking nesting material to the birdhouse right by the window.
Teen One did some homework, as did Teen Two...
...then after lunch we headed off into our friends private woods...
Teen Two found a broken branch, which he had plans to build a giant catapult with!
There were interesting things to see....just what was this and how long had it been here?
The remains of beautiful dry stone walls everywhere....
...this fungi looked like a perfect staircase...for fairies Teen One reckoned...
...and fallen trees that just had to be balanced on!
Once through the woods we approached the lake...
...where Hubby couldn't resist bouncing stones...I have never mastered that art!
Teen One and I cleared the path of broken the hopes that when our friends return tomorrow from Florida, they will get their golf cart out for the Teens to go exploring in.
These branches will be a hazard, so we made the most of our walk round, clearing as we went.
The house was back in sight...
....and although we were on the homeward stretch...
... we decided to go left instead and follow the river round as far as we could...
...its such a beautiful spot...Teen One and I sat here, just listening to the babbling of the river as the water gently hit the rocks on its never ending journey.
On the way back Teen One spotted this little house, which she felt sure was for the fairies!
She is still my little girl at heart it seems!
Daily Blessing
Friday April 1, 2016
Today's Psalm:
   This is the day which the LORD hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.

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