Sunday, 10 April 2016

Counting Our Blessings

Whilst we have enjoyed our time has been lovely to receive a warm welcome home.
My neighbour's son came in with a lovely bunch of daffodils!
His father has deteriorated rather since we were away, but was nonetheless pleased to see me when I popped in say hello.
Grandma had left our fridge stocked with goodies...which included a home made beef and vegetable casserole, home made sausage rolls, teacakes and more!
We also had a welcome home card waiting for us on the stairs!
I guess we must have been missed!
This morning was of course church, where our friends were eager to hear what we had been up to.
I didn't have to worry about preparing and cooking a meal, as Grandma had promised us one before we went away.
I was so glad not to have to think about it as my head was all over the place with jet lag!
After lunch we came home to tackle the dreaded unpacking.
However, it didn't end up being such a task, as I unearthed gifts I had forgotten all about...despite only having been given them a day or so earlier!
My friend is a lady of many talents and one is as an apiarist!
I was checking online before we left for home, to make sure I wasn't contravening any laws by bringing the honey sticks I had bought, back to the UK.
When my friend learned that I could take up to 2kg of honey, she gave me a jar of her own honey!
What a treat!
The honey was wrapped up ( for safety) in this adorable pot holder, I really love these New England colours....
...and she also gave me this tea towel...which has been customised with crochet work to enable it to be hung up easily.
I really like the idea of adding crochet and may experiment soon!
As I continued with the unpacking, I discovered our cases had been examined by US Security!
All of them had the locks cut off and a note inside telling us we had been security checked!
All four cases had this happen!
I  was so surprised...not least because neither hubby or I had noticed the locks missing, not even when we opened the cases!
Also...I hadn't noticed when I opened the what does that say about my packing skills!
Mind you....our cat Milly decided to do her own security checks when the last case was almost empty, so maybe they all know something we don't!
Tomorrow is going to be the start of us all being back to our usual routine, but after a little sad story I heard tonight at church, I am thankful for every blessing, which we so often take for granted.
Our preacher tonight told us his best friend from church had been killed in a freak accident two weeks ago.
His wife was on a short break with her mum in Venice, and was wondering why she hadn't managed to get a reply from texts.
The hotel manager came to her during dinner to break the terrible news he had been found dead.
There is an inquest going on to find out why what started out as a regular activity had gone so terribly wrong.
Only a few weeks ago we were sat with this couple, admiring their barn conversion, which was an ongoing labour of love.
Right now, his wife would love to be in their old routine, but now her days are so very different and her heart so very heavy.
We must count our blessings every day and thank the Lord for them.
Daily Blessing
Sunday April 10, 2016
Today's Promise:
   Jesus said unto him, If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth. With men it is impossible, but not with God: for with God all things are possible.

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