Saturday, 16 April 2016

Banks, Biscuits and Browsing!

This morning we had a "check up" at the bank.
Every so often,  we get a call to go in and see if all our accounts are working for us.
They aren't annual meetings, although they generally say when they ring "would you like to book an annual meeting to review your accounts?"
I often pass on the invitation, but thought I would see what, if anything they had to offer us...with interest rates being so low, I wasn't really convinced they would be able to offer much for our modest savings.
As I thought, things are pretty poor on the savings rates...but she did say we would be better off keeping more in our current account.
I was aware current accounts give around 3% versus savings giving around 0.25% but I have never been happy about keeping more than is necessary in current accounts.
Lets face it, for most of us, the money goes in at the beginning of the month and is gone by the end!
Current accounts are generally the only ones we actually give the details of to perfect strangers as well...cheques ( although used less frequently) have the account number, sort code and our signature! Use of debit cards of course put us in the vulnerable position of having our card cloned or stolen ( or simply lost) on a daily basis.
But our savings accounts, for us anyway, are something we don't give out any information on at all.
All our transactions for savings accounts are done online, transferring to or from the current account.
The assistant assured me bank accounts were robustly safe and many people currently held a lot of savings in their current account.
So, I need to do a rethink on the risks, maybe I am also just old fashioned and like the idea of putting money away into a separate account for savings.
After the bank, we did a little bit of browsing in town and Teen One fell in love with this duvet cover.
Just £9 in Primark.
It wasn't till we got home I saw the sentiments on the pillowcase...cant say I care for it much, but hopefully the other side might have dounts on!
We also had a browse around PC World for Hubby.
He has earned two bonuses at work in the last year or two and not yet bought anything special for himself.
He has been talking about a new laptop...for just him to we called into to PC World...for a browse...and came away with a "flash sale" laptop for £249....not a bad bargain and not bad for browsing!
With lunch time approaching, we decided to treat ourselves to a Subway, and headed off to the hill to admire the view.
The weather wasn't as lovely as when I took Grandma and Dear Old Friend earlier in the week, but it was lovely to get out of town for a bit.
Once home it was time to catch up on a few jobs....
...Teen Two cleaned out the gerbil cage...
...they always enjoy exploring the play pen...
...Teen One set to with some revision...and three and a half hours later she is still there!
Hubby pulled out the dishwasher to replace some parts, in the hopes it will sort out a couple of issues we have had with it....we discovered the floorboards underneath were soaked...we are not sure why as that wasn't one of the problems he was fixing!
However, when we get another free Saturday he is hopefully going to pull the old lino up and sand the we will find out then if this is an ongoing problem!
I must admit, I had noticed a musty smell from that area since coming home and just put it down to stale air!
I caught up on one or two jobs I had been ignoring in the garden...more sorting rubbish than gardening really, and then set to checking the ginger biscuits stash, making sure they weren't on the Aldi recall list!
Thankfully they weren't.
As soon as the kitchen is free I can get some dinner sorted...Teen Two is already saying he is hungry!
I can hear the swishing of the dishwasher...which is good news, it meant Hubby managed to put it back together properly at least!
Daily Blessing
Saturday April 16, 2016
Today's Promise:
   ...the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

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  1. Yet another productive day! Well done. What a shame about the dishwasher and floor, I hate it when things go wrong hopefully the problem with the water is not too serious. Xxxx