Saturday, 30 April 2016

Another Big Box Ticked For Teen One

Today was always going to be filled with treats and having dropped Grandma off at the ferry for a weekend on the Isle Of Wight, it was time to start the morning off with a Costa for Teen One and I...
...and a toasted tea cake for breakfast. In actual fact we ended up with a free one as the server brought over two, when we had only ordered ( and paid ) for one...we did explain we only wanted one, but he gave us the second for free!
After coffee it was time for one of the main events of the day...Teen One  had to take two exams for her Teacher Training Course.
Without these exams she cannot go on the course...and its a "three strikes and you are out...for two years" so there was a lot riding on today.
Having said that, it is to test literacy and numeracy skills....and as she is part way through her A levels for both subjects it wasn't really expected to be a problem...however you cant take anything for granted!
Teen Two and Hubby went to Ikea ( cheap parking!) to chill out and enjoy a cooked breakfast there, whilst I took Teen One to her exam venue and amused myself until she came out an hour later.
However, after an hour she wasn't out....and as we were due to meet up with Hubby and Teen Two for lunch, before going back to Learn Direct for her second exam, I was beginning to wonder what was going on.
It turns out she had finished the first exam early and was offered the opportunity to sit the next exam straight away....which is what she did.
It meant we had less rushing around to do, which was good seeing as I didn't manage to drop off to sleep till after 3am last night!
Oh...and in case you are interested...she passed both exams of course!
That's another big box ticked!

At the shopping centre there was a Comic Con going on...which of course Teen Two enjoyed....see if you recognise these characters....
There were plenty more characters, all of them fans rather than part of a paid group of people.
Next was lunch...Pizza Hut, with enough left over for our tea and supper!
Then...for the second time in one day we had coffee out!
We go months without indulging in this treat and then do it twice!
We had some time to kill ahead of the next big event of the day...
...going to see The Jungle Book, live action film.
The Teens have been looking forward to seeing this since last year....Teen Two especially.
It was very good, but I think the Disney version will always be my favourite.
Teen Two saw this Lego kit in a nearby toy shop and with plenty of birthday money still in his piggy bank it just had to be bought.
Finally it was time to head on home...its been a great family day out, with lots of treats, with some serious stuff in the middle of course.
I have felt like I am living in some kind of bubble today....experiencing all sorts of treats in a short space of time...whilst continually asking myself "did yesterday really happen?"
Daily Blessing
Saturday April 30, 2016
Today's Psalm:
   O taste and see that the LORD is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him.

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  1. I can just imagine how you must be feeling!!!! Very sureal xx

    The wedding marathon went well and everything was well received. Xxxx