Sunday, 24 April 2016

A Surprise Find, Some Sad News and A Stodgy Cake!

When we came home from London last night, I found this little stool sitting in my porch!
I knew straight away it was probably from the house my neighbour's son is clearing out.
Its a dear little thing and I rather like the vintage fabric and leg style.
Inside is yet more sewing bits and bobs, which I shall enjoy sifting through.
I wish I had known the owner...although I did meet her husband several times and of course know their dear friends, our neighbours  very well, so I feel like I almost know the lady who would have no doubt spent many hours working at this  pretty stool.
This morning was our Family Service, followed by bring and share lunch.
It's always a hectic time, but well worth it.
After the massive clear up I must confess to a quick shut eye on the sofa when we got home
When in America the other week, I promised my friend I would Skype her housebound mother regularly.
She lives in Prince Edward Island and we have spoken on Skype before...I was looking forward to starting a new online friendship and sharing some of our English way of living with her.
I tried to Skype a couple of weeks ago, but the laptop was playing up.
This week, I knew she was going in to hospital for a small procedure, so wasn't able to try to make contact...then my friend told me she had been kept in due to a heart problem
Today we had the sad news her heart finally failed and she was called home to be with her Lord and Saviour shorty before lunch time.
I am happy for her, now free from the suffering she has had in recent years, but feel so sad the exchanges I had looked forward brighten up her days...didn't get off the ground.
How sad also for my friend and her five siblings.
We had heard that our preacher tonight had a birthday over the weekend.
I made a sponge cake and took along a candle ( it wasn't the best cake I have made sadly!)
We had no idea how old he was, but guessed about 80...however it turns out he was born on the same day as the Queen so was in fact 90!
And still driving!
We shared the cake out and everyone was kind enough to not mention it was a little solid!
Typical isn't it but I guess the thought was there!
Daily Blessing
Sunday April 24, 2016
Today's Psalm:
   The LORD will give strength unto his people; the LORD will bless his people with peace.

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