Tuesday, 12 April 2016

A Spoonful Of Sugar?

I promised to show you my "surplus store" purchase the other day...here it is...a ceramic leaf dish.
I think it will be perfect in the autumn...
...although right now its perfect for holding the peanut butter filled pretzel pillows we brought back with us!
Judging by the pile of "cornflakes" on the side of the gerbils food today, I guess they don't like this particular part of the muesli!
I must make a mental note not to buy this brand again!
This morning Teen One and I had the dentist...she had a clean bill of health...I have to go back for a filling....boo hoo...I shall be glad  to have that out of the way next month.
My friend with the broken ankle had a hospital appointment today, so I offered to be taxi, rather than her struggle on the bus.
I dropped her off then popped into Lidl's on the way back, to buy some fresh rolls to enjoy with her for lunch, when I collected her later.
I noticed that sugar was down to 39p (bargain!) so picked up four packs ( wishing I had used a trolley instead of basket!)
However, I was regretting buying any when I got home...
...one of the bags had split open and the entire contents ended up in my bag!
What  a mess!
This wasn't the only hiccup to my day...
...Teen One opened a bottle of ginger beer, which shot out all over the floor....clear up number one...
...I then decided to mop the conservatory floor, which had only been cleaned yesterday, but I thought I wouldn't waste the hot soapy water....problem was, when I leaned the mop up against the wall...it fell down, landing on the cat food and spilling it all over the place!
Whilst I was scolding myself for being so clumsy I then heard the cat being sick...on the newly washed kitchen floor!
Having cleared that up, I went on to do some much needed dusting...only to see a needle go flying past me onto the carpet, as I swiped the duster a little too enthusiastically across the mantelpiece!
Grr....that COULDN'T be ignored ( now is time to own up to the fact I left the cat food in disgust, for
later on)
Thankfully I managed to find it after a short search.
I was very relieved when my friend sent a text to say she was ready to be collected...I was wondering just what else was going to go wrong!
We had brought a selection of Pepperidge Farm Goldfish back from the States with us for my friends granddaughter, and she ( along with her daughter) were delighted with them.
Teen One and I spent a pleasant hour watching the antics of the, now crawling, ten month old little treasure.
She is so funny and really made us laugh.
Little ones really are a blessing aren't they!
Having dropped Teen One off to college, the sun was so warm and inviting, I couldn't resist tackling some garden work, usually I do it out of necessity!
I had noticed our neighbour's ivy was becoming rather rampant and as much as I love ivy...left to its own devices it will take over.
So before  it became unmanageable, I set to work on it.
After half an hour I had a sack full of waste.
I was delighted to see that a pot of chives  I had saved from a "reduced" aisle last year had made it through the winter...along with some moss by the looks of things!
It was soon time to play taxi again, this time for Teen Two.
He had a science revision session, so by the time I had gone over for him, come back, cooked dinner and made the packed lunches...I was somewhat shattered!
I sat down to watch "The Chase" and woke up to find I had slept through most of it!
Must be the jet lag!
Daily Blessing
Tuesday April 12, 2016
Today's Verse:
   O the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! how unsearchable are his judgments, and his ways past finding out!



  1. Quite a frustrating day!!! I think jet lag will be there for a while!xxxx

  2. I have days like that - one problem after another!!