Tuesday, 26 April 2016

A Hum Drum Kind Of Day!

This morning consisted of catching up on some housework and then something I can't possibly mention right now....what a tease aye!
My neighbour's son then popped in with some food from his dad's freezer and also offered me the freezer...which I would love...if I can persuade hubby we have room in the garage!
Teen One and I called into friends for lunch, along with cake as usual...I really must ask if they would prefer something other than a Victoria Sandwich!
We had a lovely time with their little granddaughter, who has been poorly with bronchiolitis this past week...she was much happier today, so good to see little ones perk up isn't it.
I surveyed the garden....wondering if I had the courage to unearth the lawn mower...but looking at the heavy clouds decided it wasn't worth the effort right now!
I was pleased to see the bluebells coming up...
...and also the "orange blossom" bush coming out in all its glory.
We had a mixture of hail, sleet and snow fall out of the heavy clouds soon after so I was glad not to have attempted cutting the grass....but I cant put it off much longer!
We all enjoyed the English Heritage curd so much that I called back to the shop in the Castle to buy some more...
...I bought two more of the passion fruit...as it was soooo delicious, and as I was able to sample the raspberry flavour, equally as lovely...I bought a pot of that as well...and because I had bought three jars I got a free canvas gift bag!
Before I knew it, it was time to get Teen Two from his Electronics revision, then crack on with the dinner.
It seems a rather boring sort of day to blog about really...for a more interesting read...with beautiful photography take some time to read Attic 24 Lucy's blogs always make for interesting reading, no matter how hum drum her day!
Daily Blessing
Tuesday April 26, 2016
Today's Proverb:
   A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance: but by sorrow of the heart the spirit is broken.

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  1. We all need a hum drum day sometimes. Well done on the English Heritage curds. They sound delicious. Xxxxx