Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Unusual Gifts

Today we were expecting a man to come around lunch time and fit an aerial up for us.
Whilst we do have cable for the TV in the living room, we only have internal aerials for the TV in the guest room and also our bedroom.
Neither TV's are used regularly, but when we do use them, its frustrating when the screen freezes etc.
So hubby decided to spend some of his recent bonus on a proper aerial to sort the problem, he is also thinking ahead as far as the family TV is concerned.
Our main viewing...possibly all our viewing is all available on freeview and with catchup available online....we are wondering what on earth we are paying our provider for each month!
Having  got Hubby to move the furniture around in the living room to give the man work space, and come home early from visiting a friend, it was disappointing when he arrived to learn due to the adverse weather today he was running behind schedule and wouldn't be able to do the job until tomorrow.
In fact we will be on a Uni run again tomorrow so we have settled on Thursday...which means we have to live in this chaos for a couple of days!
One good thing however was when Hubby moved the computer table ( how easy it is to say that...not so easy to do it!) he found this Christmas present from a few years ago in amongst the dust bunnies!
They look such good fun and it was so lovely to find this unexpected, unusual gift.
These have are Christian themed but are available in a range of wording.
Teen One and I enjoyed our visit with my friend and its lovely to see her little granddaughter starting to find her voice.
They were thrilled with the cake again...we have promised one each week until she is back on her feet!
Whenever we visit, Teen One always enjoys a hot cup of Turkish Apple Tea.
I had asked my friend where she buys it....it is from Whittards...sadly we no longer have one of their shops locally, but my friend had recently bought several tins  so gave Teen One a tin as a "thank you" for the cakes she has been making.
She came home a very happy bunny with her unexpected gift.
Once Teen One had gone to college, I decided to tackle the dust bunnies on her bedroom shelves!
Dusting is not my favourite past time and as she has a wall of shelves full of little nick nacks and ornaments...I have to build myself up to it!
However the satisfaction when its done is worth the effort.
When her workload was less she used to keep on top of it herself...but right now she spends every spare moment studying, and with her need to study the highway code as well, I thought I would take the job back for a while.
As I was dusting I took time to look more closely at some posters she was given by her uncle at Christmas.
I hadn't realised quite how "hand picked" they were.
This one is very Teen One...she has the same pair of Converses!
She isn't into torn jeans but the relaxed pose is very much her.
And no Teen is too old for some cuteness in her room!
These posters, along with Christian resources for schools are available from
Daily Blessing
Tuesday March 1, 2016
Today's Psalm:
   This is the day which the LORD hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.

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