Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Uni Interview Number Four

Today our destination was the beautiful city of Winchester.
On our walk down a pretty leafy lane, to the university, Hubby found this!
It's the not the first time we have found a phone...its the fourth and this is the second new iPhone we have found.
Unfortunately this one was locked, so we were unable to contact anyone in the address book,
We decided to keep the phone with us for the day, in the hopes someone would call and we could answer it and then explain we had found it.
Had we not had any calls, we would leave it at reception in the hopes it was the phone of a student.
A couple of hours later, whilst having some lunch in the food hall, hubby, having seen the name of the last phone call ( which didn't need to be unlocked to view thankfully) decided to search Facebook...lo and behold this person was listed as living in Winchester.
So Hubby sent a facebook message explaining we had his friends phone and then told them where to find us.
Within minutes a very relieved young student came rushing in.....I could only imagine the conversation he was not looking forward to having  had he had to explain to his parents he had lost his new phone!
To identify us we told him to look for a ball of yellow wool and knitting on the end of the worked a treat!
It was lovely for us to see the phone reunited with its owner.
How hubby managed to spot it in the first a muddy patch of ground is amazing!
The university itself was beautifully decorated with pieces of artwork which I particularly enjoyed seeing.
Where ever we turned there was another piece of unique art work.
As far as the interview is concerned, Teen One feels she did her best and it's now a waiting game.

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  1. What is it with you and mobile phones!!!!! Well done Man for spotting it. Pleased to hear that teen one thought the interview went well. Won't be long now before she knows what she is aiming for. Exciting. Xxx