Tuesday, 15 March 2016

The Beginning of the End of the Mortgage!

Today was a rather momentous day....I paid our recently matured endowment into the mortgage account....reducing the amount we owe by a third...with the other two thirds due to be paid off next month!
Wow...did that feel good!
Although we have not fared well with our endowments, and if we could turn the clocks back would not touch them with a barge pole...but at the end of the day, in a few short weeks our home will be ours and regardless of the route we took to get it, the result is the same I guess.
I popped into see my friend with the broken ankle...she is slowly getting back to normal, but still not good with stairs.
Then I called in to see another friend, with the pie and cake I made yesterday. I didn't stop as I didn't want to tire her...she cant seem to cope with anything much at the moment, but it was good to see her after a month of being away and hopefully her hubby will appreciate not having to cook for dinner tonight!
I then popped into Sainsbury's in search of Greens Caramelle.
I have had problems finding it, and wanted a good supply to take to the US with us.
Our friends really love it, I used to make it every time they came to visit and whenever we go over I try to take some over.
I was relieved to finally track some down.
"Why don't you make your own?"  I hear you say...well...why not I guess...probably because just adding milk to powder is so much easier!
Tunnock's caramel wafers are also popular!
On the way out of the supermarket there was a charity table with video's and books...I spied this and thought Hubby and the Teens would enjoy it.
Hubby has always been a fan and the new films have drawn the Teens in to the classic tales.
Teen One has her fourth Uni interview tomorrow.
Each Uni has had slightly different requirements for the interview, tomorrow's requirement is to take along a children's book and explain how you use it in a classroom setting for a particular lesson.
Teen One has chosen The Cat In The Hat, which lends itself to lots of educational  themes, maths, English, philosophy ( in simple terms of course) etc.
Weather wise, we have had a lovely run of sunny days...chilly yes...but great washing drying weather!
Daily Blessing
Tuesday March 15, 2016
Today's Promise:
   Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee, because he trusteth in thee.

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  1. Well done on paying the mortgage off lovely feeling!!!!xxxxxx