Monday, 14 March 2016

Skyping Snow Birds!

This morning started with me doing lots of emailing to various authorities regarding Teen Two's draft EHCP which landed on our doormat at the weekend.
I am trying to establish if we can access the "personal budget" that is now available....I imagine the Local Authority is not going to part with any of its budget readily, but I am up for the challenge.
The EHCP seems all well and good, but I am keen to know how the logistics of it is to be carried out....that is where the financial implications lie.
It has taken the Local Authority over four months to get the draft to us...we have until next Friday to send in the reply slip!
After my usual trip to see my Monday Recycled Teenager, it was some baking for me.
I hope to see a friend tomorrow who hasn't been at all well, I thought I would take in a chicken and veg pie for their dinner...
...and a sponge for them to enjoy with their cuppa throughout the week.
I made another sponge for yet another friend who hasn't been too well....but went a bit too mad with the dusting of icing sugar methinks!
Not quite sure why both cakes have huge craters on top...but no doubt they will taste ok!
With the leftover pastry from the pie I made the Teens some lemon curd tarts.
For dinner tonight I thought I would do sweet and sour for a change...its not one of my favourites, but every one else in the family enjoys it.
Its one of those dishes I cheat with and use a jar!
I haven't used Morrison's own brand before, it was ok, but lacked a little something...I always add extra pineapple as everyone except Teen Two enjoys it, but even that didn't add the extra flavour I was looking I added a dessert spoon of ginger preserve....THAT DID IT!
Mmm...I could learn to really enjoy sweet and sour if it tastes like that!
Teen One had her third driving lesson today.
Her instructor suggested last week she have two hour lessons, after advice from a friend who used to be a driving instructor who said it was a good idea, today was the start of the two hour lessons.
She came home and said "that was HARD work!"
I think she has a new found respect ( not that she is ever disrespectful you understand!) for her mum who needed to take her test twice before passing!
In actual fact Hubby had to take his test twice as well... which was surprising as he had been a biker before he was a car driver, so I would have assumed the road experience would have  been a benefit...and of course men just "know" how to drive cars don't they???
With the holiday countdown almost on single figures, our friends in the US are going to Skype us tonight to make the final arrangements.
They are currently in Florida...having become "snow birds" since their early retirement, enjoying missing the cold winters of New England for the first time.
It's so kind of them to give us the run of their home and also a car!
I really need to do some serious list making in the coming days to make sure I have catered for everyone as far as gifts are concerned for the various friends we will meet up with, and of course, thought of all the essentials we will need to pack for ourselves.
Regular gifts are:
Jaffa cakes
Licorice allsorts
Jelly Babies
Cadburys 99 flakes ( they have nicknamed them chimneys!)
Greens Caramel dessert
Fry's Turkish Delights
Cadbury's Dairy Milk
Tunnock's Caramel wafers
We also take other unique to England goodies over ( it gets harder each time to think of something we haven't taken before) but the above are real hits so are always well received.

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