Monday, 7 March 2016

Protecting Our Children...And Ourselves!

Today  was a beautiful sunny and windy day...chilly yes...but perfect washing weather!
I got two lines dry and the conservatory was so warm, I was able to air off the washing in there instead of using the tumble drier.
Last week I washed a white towel....accidently with a bright pink scarf....the result...a patchy pink towel!
I rarely have washing mishaps so was rather annoyed I had ruined a lovely towel...however it was ONLY a towel and who was going to see it...not as if it was a shirt!
But when I was shopping today I saw this....
...and thought I would give it a go.....
...however it is just as patchy pink, so that was a waste of £2!
We shall have to live with pink!
Regular readers will know, ever since my  Monday Recycled Teenager was diagnosed with womb cancer,  I have been taking her in a "Post It Note Promise" from the Bible every week.
I ran out of my block post it notes...and when looking for a new one in the stationery drawer, remembered I had this Christmas present magnet on the fridge.
The petals are perforated and tear off very easily,  and have a sticky patch at the bottom.
Much prettier than the usual block.
Now, going back to last night, and the title of today's blog.
When I embarked on this blog journey, I had no idea I would be touching a very delicate subject, and it is not one I intend to talk about very much at all, but I wish I had known something I learnt last night earlier, and feel a bit of a chump for not investigating.
So...what is it I am about to talk!
You will know that last week we had a new aerial fitted, and last night I decided to list all the channels we can now access on the freeview TV in the bedrooms.
As I was going from one channel to the other, I was suddenly taken aback to see what can only be described as porn on my screen!
It probably came under the genre of "soft porn" but at the end of the day, it was not something I wanted to see on my TV and not something I would want my Teens or husband to see.
I have always been aware of those unpleasant channel titles at the end of the listing but never considered they actually came through the TV without paying a subscription.
I was horrified to think that at any time anyone in our or visitor, could have stumbled across what I had the misfortune to see.
The porn industry is so harmful and affects so many lives adversely, access is of course even easier these days than it has ever been...but I did in my ignorance think it was something that you had to at least subscribe to!
I learnt last night, that it is possible to delete these channels from your TV by using the settings section via your remote control.
These will need to be repeated when any upgrades are made.
Even the channels that do require a subscription have unpleasant names and ad pictures that don't leave much to the imagination, so I am relieved we don't have to see anything at all now.
I would encourage everyone who wants to keep the homes free from such filth to go through their TVsettings.
Porn is a problem for many I understand...including Christians.....Covenant Eyes help families with some of these issues and will make a good starting point if you have concerns about someone close to you have problems with this unpleasant subject
My family are now home at least...protecting our children and ourselves is something I will always strive for.
Daily Blessing
Monday March 7, 2016
Today's Verse:
   Let it be the hidden man of the heart, in that which is not corruptible, even the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit, which is in the sight of God of great price.


  1. I've used that stain remover with no result!!! So annoying. I agree with you re. The TV. I didn't realise you can programme it to avoid undesirable programmes. Whatannoys me is a perfectly normal title sounds interesting but is anyth8ng but when you start to watch it!!!!!!!!!

    1. Its the channels you can delete/block...not the actual we have deleted all "adult" channels. Agree re the titles that draw you in and then you end up being defiled!