Saturday, 19 March 2016

Planning Ahead For The Summer!

This morning started by giving the gerbils their regular clean out.
We let them explore outside of their cage, within the confines of this playpen.
It's always fun to watch them dashing around, checking out the new sounds and smells.
It's also a good excuse for a cuddle.
I know all you rodent phobic folk out there won't understand this, but they really are the most sweetest natured little creatures ever.
I didn't think I would be able to hold one when we first bought them for Teen Two, but I love them as much as he does now!
Once the gerbils were back in their clean cage, it was time for Teen Two and I to go to college.
There was a special meeting for newbies and although we pretty much know how the college runs, we felt we ought to show willing and go along.
As it turned out it was more useful than I had expected.
I have been looking into things such as voluntary work for Teen Two in the up and coming summer holiday.
I had seen the National Citizen Service, and knew a little about it from Teen One ( who didn't want to do it) so was delighted when the college showed a video all about it.
Teen Two rather liked the idea of all that was on offer.
This is expensive to run...I understand its around £800 per teenager, but they are only charged £35!
There is a lot on offer and it is a full packed three weeks which involves some work for the local community.
Staying away from home could be a bit of a sticking point...but we are working on it and I understand they give a lot of support to those with additional needs,  so it is something we are seriously considering.
Teen One didn't want all the outdoor activity...instead she spent her first summer holiday after finishing school volunteering in a nursery for families who have lost their home or were going through some kind of life changing trauma.
After the college visit it was a quick drive to another event for Teen Two.
This time it was put on by the local council for parents with children who have special needs of one kind or another.
There is a lot on offer in our area, although most of it is not applicable to us.
It is good, however, to know that parents who have children with complex problems have somewhere to turn for respite, friendship and assurance of help...the children also benefit from so many activities aimed at their level.
We enjoyed some freebies whilst there...a selection of very tasty finger food and for the Teens some candy very unusual flavours....peanut butter, white chocolate....who would have thought it possible! There was a wide selection of flavours, most unusual!
It was then time to nip into town for Teen One.
She had her bi annual eye test.
She was hoping this year she would be told she wouldn't need her glasses at all.
She has had them since she was three, but in recent years the prescription has reduced to the point where she was told she probably wouldn't need them anymore.
So it was rather a disappointment to hear there was some change and she would not only need a new prescription, but also start wearing them regularly for concentration work.
They also picked up she has a slight astigmatism in her left eye...she was diagnosed with one in her right eye as a why it has taken so long to discover this one is a mystery.
This was the first time I have not gone into the eye test with her and I wish I had now so I could have asked one or two questions.
In the grand scheme of things its very minor....but eye sight is precious isn't it so I really am sad I couldn't find out a little more, maybe next time I will.
Back in November I bought myself a denim skirt in the sale.
I wasn't too sure at the time about the "scraggy" ends.
Over time the ends got longer and scraggier... and last week I decided I really didn't like them.
So today when in town I bought some bias binding to cover up the tatty edge with...
...I have decided to hand sew it as my machine is way too temperamental at the moment.
I have only sewn on one side at the moment, hopefully tomorrow I will be able to show you the finished result.
I was surprised to see so many choices as far as binding goes...some were very pretty indeed...but a bit too young for me probably!
I did make my own once, using an ironing board, a long pin and fabric of my choice, which when thread through and then ironed, made perfect bias binding.
I was surprised at how easy it was too.
Had I been able to spot some fabric I liked enough I would have made some again for the skirt, but that perfect fabric just didn't show it was the 24p a metre plain navy for me today.
Tonight we had our monthly Bible teaching meeting....there is at least one every Saturday in the area, we take it in turns to host it and tonight was our turn.
We had a very encouraging message on Abraham's servant who went to find a bride for Isaac, so many practical lessons for us today.
Daily Blessing
Saturday March 19, 2016
Today's Promise:
   And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men; Knowing that of the Lord ye shall receive the reward of the inheritance: for ye serve the Lord Christ.


  1. What a busy day!!!! The summer activities sounds great for teen two. Well done on the skirt - I would have been tempted to just cut the straggles off!!!! Xxx,,

    1. Have to confess that was the first step...but they came back eventually and I figured if I continued on the same tack I would end up with a mini skirt!