Saturday, 26 March 2016

March 25 Day One of our US Adventure

Friday morning (Good Friday of course) started very early....3.30am!
We had a safe drive to Heathrow and the boys enjoyed a sushi breakfast...this is fast becoming Teen Two's favourite food.
Meanwhile Teen One and I headed for the shops.
With so many hours to fill in Dublin before our connecting flight to Boston, Teen One did some maths homework, ahead of her A levels....
..then pretty soon Teen Two got started on some revision ahead of his GCSE's...
...and I of course, indulged in some knitting.
I was given this wool to use, along with a lot more, by a lady who rescues hedgehogs.
I am going to make these cute bunnies, made from a simple square, so very easy to make on the run.
Airports are very gadget friendly and have powerpoints everywhere so items can be charged up...Teen Two was particularly delighted with this feature.
I am always amazed at how  many interesting people we meet on our daily walk.
I had noticed a lady opposite doing some embroidery and it looked very much like something from a biology lesson from where I was sitting.
Teen One and I were playing Uno and the lady's daughter looked intrigued, so we invited her to join in with us.
She was a little shy, so we split the pack so she could play with her was a huge success and they are going to hit the shops today to try and find a pack.
Once we had got chatting I asked the lady if she happened to be embroidering a set of fallopian tubes...and indeed she was!
She does it because she finds it therapeutic and has since discovered doctors and surgeons who like them for their offices!
She designs them herself and after an initial sketching on the fabric, creates the stitches as she goes.
I thought it was truly amazing!
I asked her permission to take a photo, explaining I had a blog that I posted on daily
"you must have a very exciting life" she said..
"not really" I replied..."but meeting people like you makes it exciting!"
As we landed in Boston the sun was just setting, it was a lovely welcome to our American Adventure.
By the time we made it to our friends house, we had been up almost 24hours!
Daily Blessing
Saturday March 26, 2016
Today's Verse:
   Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today, and for ever.

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  1. What an amazing start to your holiday. I am sure you are going to have a !lovely time, once you have caught up with some sleep. Xxxxxx