Sunday, 6 March 2016

Happy Mother's Day

Before we go on to today....lets wind the clock back to last night.
Once again, having noticed my Recycled Teenager next door still had his bedroom light on, way passed his "bedtime" I went in to find him stuck, half on the bed half on the floor.
I judge he had been like that for a couple of hours.
He was confused and not himself, but Hubby and I got him settled in bed.
This morning he wasn't himself but able to potter.
He has "lost" a couple of hours from yesterday and I still have a feeling its mini strokes that are causing the falls and confusion.
We shall have to continue to take one day at a time.
Today, is of course Mother's Day.
Teen One presented me with this beautiful hand made card....I really love it, the roses are so sweet and the bow so perfect!
Teen Two made me a card that is a perfect mix of both our passions....a Minecraft sheep on a background of wool....I forgot to take a picture of the had a crochet umbrella with balls of wool as rain!
They also gave me a bunch of carnations...
...and my neighbour's son came in with some flowers as a "thank you " for last night.
I even had a card from Hubby "To my Wife on Mother's Day!" That's a first...whatever will the card business think of next!
It was a fairly normal Sunday, Church first thing, roast beef lunch....Hubby did all the mucky washing up items  that wouldn't fit in the dishwasher, so that was a treat for me.
After lunch was of course Scrabble for Grandma....Hubby won hands down...we knew we didn't stand a chance when he got the word "bonanza" which used all his him an extra 50 points for using all his well as having the "z" of course on a double word!
Grandma brought round some no bake chocolate treats...made in heart shapes....
...and I whipped up a quick Victoria sandwich cake.
The preacher at church tonight spoke on three mothers in the Bible...very apt.
He comes from a small sleepy village in the country and was astounded it took him twenty minutes to find somewhere to park the car....welcome to city life!
Daily Blessing
Sunday March 6, 2016
Today's Promise:
   And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart.


  1. Love the cards. You've done well!! Those chocolate treats look good!!xxx

    1. Lucky for me they were made with plain the diet wasn't dented too was more than enough for me!

  2. Lovely cards - and they do say that dark chocolate is good for you -lol!