Friday, 18 March 2016

Finally The Last Uni Interview

Today, finally, was the last interview for Teen One.
It has been a rather hectic few weeks of driving up and down the country, but in a way I will miss the regular lunches out with Hubby and Teen One....Uni refectory's have provided very affordable and tasty food!
Oxford was our destination today...just outside the main city is the Oxford Brookes campus.
The grounds are beautifully kept, and I bet the sunny days of the past week would have shown all the lovely spring flowers in all their glory...
...but even the grey skies couldn't take away from the glorious daffs...I particularly love this little tete a tetes!
At every corner there was a beautiful display...what lovely surroundings to learn in...although I wonder if the students actually notice!
This is the first Uni we have been to, where we have been provided with refreshments on arrival...what a welcome treat that was.
We were able to sit in on part of the morning, learning how the course runs etc...then it was time for the students to go off with their appointed ambassadors and time for us to hit the coffee shop on campus.
I had a cuppa and toasted tea cake for just £1.40.
Hubby chose a lemon treacle slice...which was so delicious I just had to buy one for myself later in the afternoon!
The students were asked to prepare a five minute teaching session...suitable for adults, it was to be stimulating, interactive but not use electronic aids.
There would be five to six other students to teach to and this lesson was of course being observed by the Uni staff.
This is the first Uni to have this particular aspect to the day and Teen One rose to the challenge.
She decided to teach them a little psychology.
A subject I know little about, but have always enjoyed programmes on TV on the subject.
Last night we were the guinea pigs as Teen One taught us about Pavlov's dog...I had never heard of him...or his dog...but the subject matter was familiar.
Her little lesson left me wanting to know more and I spent the next hour or so googling
"Classic Conditioning" and how it can be used practically in our lives.
Teen One felt the session went well and the other students really enjoyed the experiment she carried out and explanation of what had happened.
I spent the morning sewing up all those wings I had knitted at Winchester...and enrolled the help of Hubby to turn them all back the right way.
By lunch time I had sewn all the wings on... mid afternoon they could all see and chirp!
So now my clutch of eggs is complete and I am mightily relieved to see the back of them!
Here is the pattern for anyone who feels inspired by my feeble attempts!
Daily Blessing
Friday March 18, 2016
Today's Promise:
   And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away.

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  1. Well done! The chicks and eggs look lovely. You seem to have enjoyed the sessions - and as a bonus you managed to get a lot of knitting done!!!!xxx