Thursday, 17 March 2016

Easter Chicks and Baskets

Today being Thursday is of course Mother and Toddler day, although I understand we shall soon have to call it Parent and Toddlers!
Over the years we have had dads, grandma's, grandads, aunties and even uncles bring their little charges to our group every one has ever felt excluded because we chose the traditional title  for our group...infact some have come back...without their little ones because they have loved the atmosphere, so sometimes I think political correctness goes a little over the top!
The craft activity today was these delightful easter baskets, hand made by our 80+yrs helper. She has such patience to sit and hand draw then cut out all the boxes.
The tots enjoyed sticking on their easter stickers and then when they went off to play, a  little wrapped parcel of mini eggs was secretly put inside the basket...with the knowledge of the mums of course!
Easter knitting has been on my needles the past few weeks...and each University trip has seen me clicking away with this rather bright  (and donated!) yellow wool.
Here they are, with their bodies sewn up and the first of 30 wings just off the needles...
...if you were eagle eyed yesterday when I talked about the phone we found, you will have seen the yellow knitting out...complete with a wing!
I managed to finish most of them yesterday...thankfully...I don't mind fiddly knitting...but when you times it by 30 it can get to you a bit!
This is what I am aiming for!
If you had been wondering why some of my chicks were white...then you can now see, its because its a reversible toy....changing from an egg to a chick...rather cute I thought!
I decided to knit the chick in the same colour throughout and I am probably going to abandon making feet...we'll see how the time goes and how my patience goes!
The pattern can be found here, free, don't you just love the internet for inspiration!
I must confess...I deviated from the pattern a bit...which did mean I ended up in a bit of a pickle at one point.
I detest knitting with double pointed decided I would knit the chicks on two needles then sew up the seam, so it would be as if it had been made in a circular  fashion.
However...I didn't read the instructions properly so when it came to assembling it all I couldn't figure out how it went....I was rather distraught...having knitted up all these chicks and eggs and then not being able to use them! night, half asleep in bed, it came to me what I had done wrong...and in the morning I was able to assemble one and see that all had not been lost after all!
If you are interested in what I did wrong...basically its only the top and bottom that needed sewing as part way through the knitting, the double needles were abandoned and two needles used....I hadn't noticed that!
So....tomorrow at Oxford I shall be attempting to sew the wings and faces on...and we all know how easy faces are to do...NOT!
An up date on my Recycled Teenager next door.
He almost fell on the stairs again this week....thankfully he didn't...but he is not himself at all.
His body has been slowing down and now his mind is going the same way.
Yesterday morning I wondered what I was going to find when I went in as usual first thing...only to find he wasn't up...when I tentatively went up to his bedroom I could see he was still in bed...I was rather anxious what his face was going to look like when I entered the room completely...thankfully he was sound asleep!
But this was gone 9am and he has always been an early it is significant he was still in bed.
Today he was a little better, but still confused...looking in the wrong cupboard for things...getting his breakfast ready at lunchtime (he sets his cereal out before going to bed)
For the moment we are still taking it a day at a time but I do wonder how he will be when we come back from our holiday after Easter.
Daily Blessing
Thursday March 17, 2016
Today's Verse:
   Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom; teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord.

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  1. Love the chicks and baskets!! I expect the little ones were thrilled with their 'little surprise when they took their baskets home. Well done on the knitting, you're so clever. All the best for tomorrow, will be especially thinking of teen one.xxxx