Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Counting My Blessings Once Again

Today was catch up day for me.
With the day unexpectedly free I decided to catch up on one or two phone calls for various appointments for Teen Two and generally get some paperwork and calendar updating done.
Part way through this I had a call from school to say Teen Two had been hit in the eye whilst not managing to dodge the ball in Dodgeball!
No action was needed on my part at this stage, they had dealt with the nosebleed and put an ice pack on his eye...but I spent the rest of the day expecting a headache to develop as a consequence and the inevitable call to go and collect him...however no call came I am glad to say.
A friend popped by for coffee, which was a pleasant break, and we finished off the cake from Sunday....naughty us!
Teen One and I then popped into town.
We are going to Canterbury tomorrow for her third Uni interview.
My sister in law lives there so I wanted to buy some Easter gifts for her Teens.
My sister in law has spent her life in teaching, but decided finally that working till midnight was just too much, she now is one of the teachers on the Primary Teaching course that Teen One is applying for....it would be strange if she ended up being taught by her aunt!
But not so strange for her aunt....during the course of her career she has had her own daughter in her class and her son in the next class.
Cousin C is the same age as Teen One and into sewing....so I bought  her a magazine with bag patterns in.
Cousin J, the same age as Teen Two is into archeological digs and metal detecting....so he has a magazine on Treasure Hunting.
I must confess I had no idea such a thing existed...and browsing the shelves of WH Smith today was a real eye opener...so many magazines on so many subjects!!
I thought this tin of Easter Biscuits looked stylish so bought it for my sister in law, who is giving us lunch tomorrow.
I don't venture in M&S Foodhall very often...all too tempting and not very kind on a family budget...but an occasional treat is ok isn't it!
I was amazed to see how many selections of hot cross buns they have!
I left the ones I was rather partial to, cherry and berry, bramley apple..and chose instead toffee fudge and Belgian chocolate , mini mocha.
Had I chosen the others its unlikely there would be any left by this time tomorrow!
Hubby will love the mocha...he always has a mocha when we go out for coffee on holiday....Teen Two will especially love the fudge/chocolate ones.
We then perused the sale section of the clothing dept.
I was delighted to learn I still know what Teen One likes clothing wise.
I saw this and called her over...her face lit up!
Its cotton and has a lovely feel.
When we went to pay for it the assistant was surprised to see it already in the sale as it had only arrived a couple of weeks ago.
I said there weren't many left, her face dropped...she was on the till for the next couple of hours and all stock was out, so I asked her what size she wanted...nipped over and took the last one then took it back to her....nice to be able to make someone's day!
At the weekend I had asked Teen Two to go through his old DS and Wii games to see which ones he didn't want...having checked on ebay, there were loads of each title and none of them with bids...so I took them into Game and they gave me almost £26 for them!
He was chuffed...and so was I...no listing and then wrapping ready for posting...all for £1 sometimes!
Last night...purely out of curiosity, I decided to get a quote on car insurance for Teen One.
I made some assumptions on the quote...ensuring I took into consideration as many factors that would bring her quote down.
When I hit the "get quote" button I was not prepared for the figure that would pop up on my screen!
Having picked myself up from the floor I went through the details again to make sure I hadn't made a huge mistake...and yes I had....instead of the annual mileage being around 2000  I had put 50,000!
However...even with that reduced the cheapest quote...with a company I have never heard of was £2500!!
I knew it would be pricey...but not THAT pricey!
I am hoping that when the time comes there are other factors that will come into play...like having being a named driver on my policy etc.
Talking of which...when she is confident enough to not need dual controls I will get her added so she can get some practice in...but I wonder now what it will do to my premiums...which are a very modest £120pa!
This afternoon, when pottering around, I watched a BBC programme on catch up about Doctors helping migrants on the frontline.
The migrant crisis is a huge problem and I have no answers and few opinions...but as a mother it was heartbreaking to see the conditions the children are living in and my heart went out to the mothers trying to care for their children in the dreadful camps.
As I lit the woodburner, to make the room warm for my own Teens coming home...I thought about those poor children sleeping in wet blankets, barely any sanitation or food and really started to count my blessings.
Not only was the fire lit...I had wood aplenty to keep it going...and all in the shelter of a house.
My cat has been sat in this spot all afternoon...warm, dry and safe, with fresh food and water in the kitchen....those poor children have sat in the same cold wet tent no doubt...with no possessions from their old life even.
It really is a day for counting my blessings and praying a solution to this crisis for humanity is found soon.
Daily Blessing
Tuesday March 8, 2016
Today's Proverb:
   Withhold not good from them to whom it is due, when it is in the power of thine hand to do it.


  1. My eyes are still watering seeing those quotes!!!!!!! How do people manage!! I agree with you re the immigrant crises. What is the answer. Just dreadful. Xxxx

  2. I heard last night about this program - again I have no answers but people shouldn't have to live this way.