Friday, 12 February 2016

"This Is The Question....?"

Starting with last night...hubby came home with these pretty "sweetheart" roses!
As we are away for Valentine's Day he bought me my annual bunch of roses early.
He mentioned wanting to buy a dozen red roses but couldn't find any... I was secretly pleased, I would begrudge the shops the money they charge at this time of year!
Soon after going to bed last night, the door bell went! Rather late for could only mean one thing...trouble with someone.
It was the elderly neighbour the other side of my Recycled Teenager next door.
She had just come home from her daughter's and could hear a faint knocking next door but didn't want to investigate alone.
So with my dressing gown and slippers on, along with hubby we went along to investigate.
We were met by our poor friend lying on the floor at the bottom of the stairs!
We learnt he had been there for at least two hours, having slid down from the top!
He has a stair lift, but hadn't used it...infact it was at the top so he must have used it to get up, then squeezed past it to come down again...which might be how he slipped...also he was only wearing his socks!
Having established it wasn't a 999 situation we made his head comfy with a cushion and then called his son.
Together  he and hubby got him carefully to his feet and amazingly he doesn't appear to have damaged himself.
To say his falls are becoming a worry is an understatement and I cant help thinking he will have one fall too many one day.
Of course, to make things worse, he wasn't wearing his emergency neck cord!
Today the son came in with a pot plant to say thank you...he really needn't do that, we are just happy to help when we can.
This morning I popped into Aldi's...I had intended going to Lidl...but thought I  would ring the changes...and was so glad I did...look what I found!!
So we have a nice little supply at home now...we can enjoy our Saturday morning treats for a while which time hopefully production will be back to normal!
Teen Two came home from school saying there had been a cake sale...he only had enough money to buy two so ate one and said anyone can have the second....he never buys one just for himself, and generally they aren't as expensive as £1 each so we all get to share the treat...but when I saw the cake I realised why it was a bit more expensive than usual...sweet little tins and these adorable iced roses.
The valentines theme continued at Friday Club, with biscuit decorating.
Tonight was "shop", which means a time for the kids to spend the points they have been earning over the past few months.
Some of them really look forward to this time...but I dread it nowadays!
Kids of today, through no fault of their own, have higher expectations than those of even just a decade ago.
Trying to buy things that fit the Three A's ....appealing, affordable, appropriate, is harder and harder.
I keep trying to think of something I can buy easily and regularly to take the place of the traditional toys/craft items/stationery.
We have always avoided confectionery, but it is becoming an appealing option...although even that will be fraught with problems I can imagine...even the sweets we share out at the end are sometimes greeted with a turned up nose!
Maybe these sorts of rewards have had their day? I can't honestly say it really works as a reward system...those who have the tendency to misbehave , do so regardless, and those who find it easy to sit and be good, don't need the encouragement of this sort of reward.
So this is the question I end my week reward or not to reward?
Daily Blessing
Friday February 12, 2016
Today's Proverb:
   Reprove not a scorner, lest he hate thee: rebuke a wise man, and he will love thee.


  1. Glad that you've solved your ginger nut crisis!

  2. Your poor neighbour!!!! Always reward, but what with I do not know. I think some serious research seems necessary. Xxxx