Saturday, 27 February 2016

They're Back!

Today started the way I like Saturdays to start....with no alarm....just the sound of hubby coming upstairs with a cuppa and some ginger biccies!
Once up I spent most of the morning in the kitchen....lasagne for tonight's dinner...
...butternut squash, carrot and lentil soup for lunch...
...pineapple sponge as one of the desserts for tomorrow's family service lunch...
...then a new on the success of the Oreo Brownies I make, I had some party rings left over so thought I would try them in place of the Oreos...but the baking discoloured the icing, so it doesn't look very appealing...but hopefully the kids will enjoy the taste still....
...and finally the current favourite White Chocolate Torte.
I have experimented this time with replacing the fromage frais/crème freche, with greek yogurt.
For our soon coming trip to visit friends in the US, I have been trying to source locally made products.
About half an hours drive from us is The Lavender Fields company.
They grow their own lavender and make many products using it.
Having passed it many times, today was the first time Teen One and I have visited it.
Of course today was not the day for seeing the beautiful lavender fields in all their the height of the season professional photographers come to get shots for their various projects.
Teen One and I had a pleasant walk round, sampled some tasty lavender biscuits and came home with a bag full of locally made products to indulge our friends with.
I was rather taken with this book called "The Scented Kitchen" cooking with flowers by Frances Bissell.
As well as recipes with lavender...and I think this one sounds delicious...
....and as for this one!!! Mmmm....
...then there are the more unusual recipes.
The whole books looks very interesting and  I shall carefully thumb through it before passing it on...ensuring not to dog ear any of the corners!
I also bought several tea towels by Emma Ball depicting some of the places our friends have visited...and one picture happens to be the lavender fields themselves!
Emma has plenty of regional pieces of work for sale and I can highly recommend them as gifts.
This evening Teen One and I went to a Bible teaching meeting and enjoyed listening to a message on God's Progress in our lives, His Provision in our lives and finally His Protection.
The speaker happened to be the father of one of Teen One's tent leaders at camp a couple of years ago, so it was nice to touch base with him for the first time.
And finally....I was relieved to read in the paper today United Biscuits in Cardiff have restarted baking Ginger Nuts after their recent flooding!
It will be some weeks before the supplies make it to the shops...and no doubt there will be a run on them once they are back...thanks to FQ2FF we are well stocked for a while...but its good to know things are almost back to normal!
Daily Blessing
Saturday February 27, 2016
Today's Psalm:
   Be glad in the LORD, and rejoice, ye righteous: and shout for joy, all ye that are upright in heart.



  1. The lavender fields look great. I wonder if they have a web site. I will investigate. Xx

    1. Sorry, my mistake...I had intended putting a link in, will go and edit one in x