Wednesday, 3 February 2016

The Great Scone Debate!

Today started off with glorious blue skies, white fluffy clouds and of course lovely sunshine.
What a cheery way to start the day!
Of course, the downside was it was very cold! However, its easy enough to wrap up warm and enjoy the seasonal temperatures...much better than wet and gloomy.
Unfortunately Teen Two was no better this morning so it was a day at home for him, with regular mugs of steaming freshly squeezed orange and honey, along with some paracetomol.
We haven't managed to get the temperature down, but it isn't alarmingly high so I am hoping it will improve overnight.
I had already planned to have a stay at home day, so cracked on with making some cakes ahead of next weeks funeral.
 I started with coffee and walnut....
...then went on to carrot cake...I love cakes that are made in the brownies...but what I don't like about making carrot cake.... grating the carrots! Mind you...I do love their vibrant colour.
So with the cakes cooling,  I cracked on with some scones.
This time, they are for my friends 60th Birthday party at the weekend.
Her daughters are organising an Afternoon Cream Tea and have roped some of us in to make the scones.
Some months ago I mentioned the great Scone cut or free form and said one day I would experiment...well today was the day!
I started by using the basic recipe ( no egg) and free forming, so looking left to right, you can see the results.
The middle scone is using a cutter, again with the basic recipe.
The right hand scone is using a richer recipe (using egg) and a cutter.
Using a cutter does make the scones more uniform and much tidier looking and I think, although not much to choose in it, the one on the right using looks better.
I ought to mention, the first two have been cut, I was precutting them before freezing them, to make it easier for the girls at the weekend, and then decided to photograph the experiment!
So the batch of rich cut scones are going to make it to the party...this is just a few of them.
 With the weather being so glorious, I braved it and hung the washing out on the line.
I was delighted to see my tete a tete daffs from last year have come out in bloom.
They are so teeny and cute!
The ones I bought the other week are blooming beautifully in the conservatory and will be planted out when they are passed their best.
For those of you on Baymax watch....this is what greeted me today!
Daily Blessing
Wednesday February 3, 2016
Today's Promise:
   He that spared not his own Son, but delivered him up for us all, how shall he not with him also freely give us all things?

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