Friday, 5 February 2016

Simple Treasures and Sticky Hands!

Starting with last night, the daughter of my Recycled Teenager who passed away last week, came for a visit to make the arrangements for the funeral.
She brought with her this exotic looks and feels like plastic but is in fact real!
It came in a very stylish and sturdy container and I was wondering how to take the plant out without damaging it....I then spied a very clever design feature...plastic press stud style poppers...just on pop them and the plastic tubing comes away easily and then flattens down.
I think it must be being around Hubby...who is a design engineer....that has made me really appreciate a well designed item...even if it is just going to be thrown away.
I noticed it had patent pending on the bottom...I hope whoever designed it is really is a brilliant concept.
In fact...I have decided I can't throw it will surely come in useful one day!
( As  I typed this, hubby looked over and said "what is that interesting looking picture there...he can spot a good design a mile off!)
She also brought with her a couple of small things from her mum's sewing box.
She isn't into sewing herself but knowing me, thought rather than throwing them away, she would offer them to me.
I was thrilled to receive them.
The tin is so old, what stories could it tell!
The little wallet on the right is also very is made of very thin leather I think.
The tin is full of all sorts of useful items and the pouch has needles in.
I shall treasure these small items, which aren't worth a penny, but will keep our dear late friend's memory alive in a very practical way.
She also brought along a bag of was wool I had bought for her mum when she was still with it enough to knit.
Each week I would take wool along, she would make fairly good squares with it, which I then sewed together into blankets.
Eventually the squares had more holes than swiss cheese, then they resembled a school ruler more than squares...but she felt she was being useful and it passed the long days for her.
The time then came when she didn't know how to knit and the frustration caused all sorts of problems, so in the end I stopped taking wool in.
It was rather sad to see the wool come back, but I guess it served its purpose.
Teen Two still had a temperature, sore throat and chest, so it was another day off school....dear me...he has gone from 100% attendance for his entire school life to...well...the reports are out on Monday so we shall see...but its not going to be 100%!
To try and break the day up a bit, after lunch I suggested he make some cookies.
Quite how he got his hands in this much of a mess is a mystery!
When they were fresh out of the oven there was nothing for it but a cuppa to test them with...
they were scrummy!
Tomorrow is a friend's 60th birthday party.
Her daughter's are organising an Afternoon Cream Tea party, we have all been told "no presents"
but I couldn't resist buying her a little something to mark the day....I bought her a sixpence from 1956, inside this keyring....I thought it was a little unusual and might make her smile.
Tonight's story at Friday Club was Ruth gleaning the grain.
For the activity we decorated bread rolls...which the children thoroughly enjoyed...although the icing ended up rather watery!
For those of you on Baymax  watch....I suspect this is how it was always supposed to look!
Daily Blessing
Friday February 5, 2016
Today's Proverb:
   Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

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