Saturday, 6 February 2016

Praying For A False Alarm

Today was a 60th birthday party for a close friend of mine.
Her  three daughters had planned it.
It was an informal drop in, stay as long as you like, affair.
The afternoon took the form of a cream tea...sandwiches, cream scones and cake.
When we arrived we discovered one of the daughters had gone down with flu, and the other couldn't get out of a duty at the private school she teaches at.
So Teen One and I offered our services, and ended up sorting all the food and playing waitresses.
The venue was decorated with bunting...
...each table had fresh flowers, as well as the all important cream tea of course
There were flowers and balloons aplenty, as well as the all important birthday cake.

In the evening, a local Italian restaurant provided lasagne, brushettas, salad and garlic bread.
It was all delicious!
We had plenty of time to chat to mutual friends and friends we hadn't met before, its amazing how much you can have in common with a stranger!
It was a great day...if more hectic than I had anticipated and we  were glad to get in out of the wind and driving rain by the end of it.
We were just settling down to a cuppa...and some blogging...when the phone went.
A friend from church was asking if I had heard from our dear hard working Recycled appears friends from Cardiff have been trying to get hold of her, but with no joy.
They had some flowers delivered today, but they had to be left outside the house as there was no reply.
Well I hadn't heard anything so Hubby and I drove down...the flowers were still there.
We know she has had problems with her phone in the past, and doesn't have a doorbell, so if she has a snooze, she often doesn't hear the we are hoping this is the case today.
I have written a note asking her to call me in the morning....if I haven't had a call I will go down and use the emergency key. I didn't want to do it tonight after dark, if this is a false alarm it would be rather frightening  having someone come into your house, and we would have to have turned lights on etc, which would have been frightening.
So tonight I will have a restless night and will be eagerly awaiting a phone call in the morning saying all is well.
 I don't feel ready to lose another Recycled Teenager so soon.
Daily Blessing
Saturday February 6, 2016
Today's Psalm:
   O LORD our Lord, how excellent is thy name in all the earth!


  1. Oh dear what a dilemma, I'm sure everything will be fine, but that won't stop you worrying. Xxxxx

  2. I read your blog last night but it was too late to write anything (gone midnight). I do hope that everything has worked out well xx