Thursday, 25 February 2016

Pancake Day Finally Arrives!

Starting with last night, Pancake Day finally arrived in our household!
I made a stack using the Be-Ro recipe and then let everyone help themselves to a selection of fillings.
The strawberries were delicious....
...but not quite as delicious as bananas with caramel sauce!
I bought this tube in France last year...I don't know if we can get anything similar in the UK?
I was rather tired after the early start so around 8.30 started to think about going to bed.
I noticed that my neighbours bedroom light was still on...which was unusual, so I monitored it until 10pm by which time I decided I needed to act as that was way passed his usual routine.
I donned my dressing gown and slippers and nipped next door...I found him on the bedroom floor in his birthday suit!
I quickly threw a jumper over him to protect his modesty and spare my blushes...but he really was unaware of the situation.
He was rather confused, first looking for some soap and then worrying he was going to fall ( still lying on the floor)
I called his son who was round in minutes, he then got him dressed and with the help of hubby got him in bed, before going home to get some overnight gear so he could stay over.
This morning my Recycled Teenager seemed no worse for his several hours of being on the floor completely starkers...infact he still didn't know, he just said "I wonder how I managed to fall out of bed" but of course he had never actually made it to bed.
I personally think he may be having mini strokes, which would account for the regular falls, confusion, then being almost back to normal very soon after.
I have mentioned my concerns to the son, but in reality, his dad is so frail I doubt there is much that could be done, even if he agreed to see the doctor.
We shall just have to continue to offer our support as we have thus far and take each day as it comes.
Today was of course Mother and Toddlers.
It was harder work than usual being one worker down, but the three of us managed.
Our 85year old worker was on the activity table and made jungle scenes for the little ones to have fun with.
She hand drew the palm trees and also little bunches of bananas for the monkeys!
The tots had great fun with their projects.
The rest of the day has been the usual rush of housework, cleaning next door and taxi-ing the Teens to piano and football.
I am glad to be now chilling on the sofa and am hoping for a less eventful night to yesterday!
Daily Blessing
Thursday February 25, 2016
Today's Proverb:
   A soft answer turneth away wrath: but grievous words stir up anger.

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  1. Pancakes look good!! Your poor neighbour! Good job he can't remember what happens to him.xxxxx