Thursday, 18 February 2016

Mum Chairs!

Today we decided to go into town and see if the Teens could find something to spend their Christmas vouchers on.
Whilst Teen One and I perused Primark, we left Teen Two in Game.
He loves to check out all the new games, trial some of them and generally soak up the atmosphere.
It's the sort of shop, that I feel, should have "Mum Chairs!"
M&S have "Man Chairs" that always have a man parked in them...looking bored but comfortable...often with a pile of shopping bags at their feet!
I find Game  a thoroughly boring shop... so to have a chair to sit on and do some "people watching" would be perfect!
Having said I find it a boring shop...look at what a cute little character I spied today!
This dear little knitted creature is from a game called "Yoshi's Woolly World" if I were ever to get into gaming...this would be the first one I would try!
Our shopping trip was successful...
Teen Two was able to purchase a couple of toys to add to his ever growing collection...
...and Teen One  bought a handbag ( never have too many of them!)...
...and a pair of smart ankle boots from M&S.
Probably the most she has paid for footwear, but as her feet have probably stopped growing it will be worth investing in a good pair.
They looked very smart with her thick tights and denim skirt and will look equally good with jeans.
I almost felt tempted to get some myself!
With all this retail therapy going on, you may be wondering what I bought.....
....loo rolls! Wilkinsons are selling nine Kleenex rolls half price...£ I bought as many as we could carry! I may even go back for more!
Half term is always about it was a visit to Teen Two's favourite fast food outlet to try their five items for £3.
This afternoon I did my usual cleaning for my Recycled Teenager next door, whilst Teen One made a cake for our friend with the broken ankle.
We are hoping to see her tomorrow.
Tonight I am putting a joint of pork in the slow cooker, which will be shredded in the morning, with some BBQ sauce added to create BBQ pulled pork.
Hopefully it will save her having to do a dinner in the evening.
The weather has been glorious today, in fact it was so warm in the car we had to open the window!
Hopefully the worst of winter is behind us!

Daily Blessing
Thursday February 18, 2016
Today's Psalm:
   Some trust in chariots, and some in horses: but we will remember the name of the LORD our God.


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  2. Sounds like a lovely day!! Love the boots very fashionable as well as smart. Perfect for the up and coming Interviews. Could we have the dates please. Xxxxxx