Monday, 22 February 2016

Ginger Biscuits and Potato Wedges...Before Breakfast!

As the title of today's blog suggests...this morning started with some very strange food combinations!
Not that ginger biscuits are an unusual start to the day in this household...but potato wedges...and before breakfast??
Well...let me tell you...neither were actually eaten!
It all started with me pottering around in the kitchen first thing, when I suddenly remembered I had promised Grandma some ginger biscuits yesterday, from our stock pile.
She hasn't been able to buy any either and has been making them...but decided she prefers the shop bought ones.
Whilst it was on my mind, I nipped into the conservatory and bent down to get a couple of packets out of the box....but as I bent..and with a slight twist...I put my back out!!
It's the first time I have ever done this, but have seen hubby in excruciating agony just bending to run the bath one morning!
I was frozen to the spot in pain for a while and wondered what on earth I should do!
I sent hubby a text and also a friend...she got back first and said put an ice pack on.
I was right by the freezer, so gingerly opened it ( amazing how strong the seal is when you are in pain!) and the first packet I pulled out was potato wedges...they were going to have to do.
I spent the next hour walking around the house with the potato wedges firmly on my rear end!
What a sight it must have been!
However, I feel I have got off very lightly, because whereas Hubby was off work for a few days...I was able to go back to normal activities within the hour...albeit very carefully and with enough pain to make me reassess what I was going to do for the day.
I hadn't thought I would be able to drive, but did manage to see my Monday Recycled Teenager...although closing the car door was particularly difficult.
She was glad to see me as her carer had not turned up, so I was able to rub her pain relief cream into her shoulders and put her pop socks on.
We both took it easy round Morrisons, only buying what we needed.
In the afternoon I pottered...being nervous to sit down too much incase I couldn't get up again.
When putting the washing away...I saw that Teen One has started filling every available space in her bedroom with revision notes!
She has spent most of the weekend studying as well....hats off to her for her commitment.
I am hoping for a quiet evening  and maybe some knitting...which is something that hasn't figured much in my evenings recently, I am in need of some motivation in that department!
Daily Blessing
Monday February 22, 2016
Today's Psalm:
   Wait on the LORD: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the LORD.


  1. Bless you - I can recommend some heat pads but make sure that you get the ones you can stick to your skin. Take care xx

  2. Poor old you!!!! Sounds horrendous, hopefully it won't happen again!!xxxxx