Monday, 29 February 2016

First Driving Lesson For Teen One!

Well today was one of those mini milestone days...Teen One having her first driving lesson!
It seems just a short time ago I was worrying about  nappy rash and sleepless nights...I still have the sleepless nights...but this time because I am voluntarily letting her go in a car with a man I have never met before and I have no idea where he is taking her!!
Here she is about to be taken who knows where!! But I am happy to report she was brought back safely at the allotted time and seemed to enjoy her first taste behind the wheel.
Hats off to that brave man to take a complete novice on the road! Of course he did find somewhere quiet for her to burn the rubber...and by the sounds of it they probably didn't go above 20mph.
She is looking forward to next Monday and said the instructor...Trevor...made her feel at ease.
Being Monday, I went to see my Recycled Teenager, had a cuppa and a catch up before heading off to the supermarket.
She has only two weeks to go to hear how her cancer treatment has gone.
She doesn't have any of the symptoms that took her to the doctor initially, so lets pray the tumour has gone.
In the afternoon Teen One and I made a cake for our friend who we are visiting tomorrow.
She had her plaster removed last week so I am eager to see how her ankle is doing and how she is getting on with the boot she was given.
She will be glad to be a bit more mobile that's for sure!
Before going to get Teen Two from revision, I  called in to see Grandma, who needed her curtains putting back up after having some decorating done in the living room.
That of course entailed a cuppa...I am rather awash with tea today!
I am still thinking of traditional English gifts to take to our friends in the US and thought they might like the Be-Ro recipe book, especially when I tell them its a book my grandmother used regularly and I grew up learning to bake from.
At only £2.99 each they are a bargain....I bought six hoping that will be enough for the baking loving ladies I will meet up with over there.
I love the fact many of the recipes are now available online...but I also enjoy the process of flicking through the pages looking for some inspiration.
Daily Blessing
Monday February 29, 2016
Today's Verse:
   Sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear.

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  1. Well done teen one and Mum!!!!! Its all very scary
    , however it is something you'll never regret.xx