Thursday, 11 February 2016

Doggy Treats

Today was a beautiful sunshiny day...cold initially, with frost looking like snow on the school playground opposite our house.
It was so lovely I decided to risk hanging the washing out!
I went in to see my Recycled Teenager next door as usual and was sad to learn he had yet another fall in the garden yesterday, when I was at the funeral.
He managed to crawl back in the house after calling for his other neighbour for half an hour.
Once inside he was able to call his son.
It seems he has escaped with some cuts and bruises...although one of the cuts possibly needs stitches...but he isn't keen to get it seen to.
At the moment it is dressed with a plaster and he is wearing a bright yellow rubber glove to keep it dry!
It was my turn to run the activity table at mother and toddlers today.
With it being Valentine's Day this weekend, I provided some heart shape activities.
I explained we were making gifts for someone we love...but I suspect the cakes didn't make it home!
My Recycled Teenager who we had the false alarm with last weekend gave me a carrier of goodies today, as an apology for the trouble we were caused.
Of course it was no trouble at all and I was embarrassed she had gone to so much expense and trouble.
This afternoon I decided to try out my new doggy bone cutter for a certain couple of pooches.
Kirstie Allsop's Handmade Christmas was the inspiration behind these doggy treats.
Her recipe called for VERY LOW salt stock too much salt is not good for our canine friends ( or us come to that!)
I adapted the recipe slightly this time.... and true to my usual haphazard style of cooking...I didn't measure out any of the ingredients....but this isn't the sort of baking that needs precise measuring.
I dissolved a stock cube in a mug of boiling water, put the water in a large bowl and then added enough flour ( and a teaspoon of dried chives...cos it looks pretty!) to make a soft dough.
The original recipe called for an egg, but as I didn't have any ( shock horror!) I added a tablespoon of vegetable oil.
They take about half an hour in a 180 degree oven
We shall see what Millie and Daisy make of them at the weekend!
Daily Blessing
Thursday February 11, 2016
Today's Promise:
   For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.



  1. What a shame about your neighbour, it sounds as though he is losing his confidence. Well done with the doggy biscuits, I'm sure they will enjoy them.xxxx

  2. I'm keeping those biscuits as a secret from Millie and Daisy - but thank you!