Saturday, 20 February 2016

Cast Your Mind Back A Couple Of Years!

So...cast your minds back to bonfire night 2013...anything in particular happen?
Had you asked me, I probably would have said no, although we may have gone to see some fireworks maybe...but, out of the blue yesterday, I had a Facebook message which reminded me exactly where we had been and a small incident that had occurred.
We had gone out as a family to a local beauty spot to watch the fireworks being set off around the city.
Teen One had found a Blackberry phone in the grass, there wasn't anyone else around, although it is a popular place for families, so we tried to access the contacts list on the phone and call someone, in a bid to return the phone to its owner.
Noone answered, so we brought the phone back home and did a little more research.
There were photos of a young teenager, having been taken that night by the looks of the fireworks in the background, we managed to find her name, so looked on Facebook to see if we could find her...and lo and behold we did.
However I decided to not contact her directly...but contacted her mother, who was also on FB.
I sent a message explaining we had found the phone and if she would like to contact us we would arrange to return it.
Well we heard nothing back, put the phone in a bits and bobs basket and ultimately forgot about it.
Up until the message yesterday....somehow the mum had only just received the message and was apologising for not having been in contact before.
I was obviously surprised as I had completely forgotten the incident...but said it was very probably we still had the phone and if so did she want it back.
I looked for the the only place I could think it was... and yes it was still there!
She was keen to have the phone as her daughter had by coincidence broken her current phone the day before, so earlier today, she called by with this bottle of wine.
Whilst we don't drink, we are happy to use it in cooking, so this will be something we will enjoy for some time to come.
Today was spent getting ready for some visitors tonight.
We have a Bible teaching meeting once a month  (as well as regular midweek ones) and tonight's speaker hadn't been before and I had never met him.
Hubby had invited him and his wife to come and share a light meal with us before the service.
I had no idea of their age, or likes and dislikes, so opted for something simple, a quiche, salad, rolls, new potatoes, ham.
I made the quiche in a larger dish than usual, so made extra filling...only to find I made way more than was needed!
So with the left over pastry I managed to make a "raggy edge" quiche....but still had some liquid left over so made a crustless quiche, which I will give to one of my Recycled Teenagers.
I made the Teens current favourite, White Chocolate Torte, and also a Marmalade cake,
I used chopped apricots to decorate the top with cream cheese frosting, instead of the usual orange rind.
Just to cover all bases, I made a trifle as well.
As it turned out, the wife was diabetic so wasn't able to have any of the desserts...but at least I wont have to make anything tomorrow!
They were both very easy to get along with, he was rather a joker and was very interactive with the Teens.
It's been lovely getting to know them and we hope to keep up the new friendship
Daily Blessing
Saturday February 20, 2016
Today's Psalm:
   Shew me thy ways, O LORD; teach me thy paths. Lead me in thy truth, and teach me: for thou art the God of my salvation; on thee do I wait all the day.

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  1. Well done on the phone issue.I am sure they were surprised and pleased to it back. The food looks scrummy!!!!!!!! Xxx