Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Are Marshmallows Medicine?

A few days ago Teen One did some more sorting in her bedroom...the result was a box full of nick nacks she no longer wants.
Whilst its always good to empty the house of clutter...there is something bitter sweet about it.
This box of assorted items were once considered treasures and brought her such delight...
...as did this collection of gems, what pleasure she derived from choosing one from almost every gift shop we visited on a family day out.
To have that part of her life all over so soon is a trifle sad to say the least...but at almost 18years old I guess it has lasted longer than most!
Mid morning Teen One and I went to visit our friend with the broken ankle.
Instead of taking a meal this time ( having been ordered NOT to!) I whipped up a quick sponge, which I know she likes, but is currently unable to make herself.
She was delighted to receive it...as was her daughter!
Every Tuesday, when I pop in to check my Recycled Teenager is ok as I do every morning, he always says "ok to change the bedding tomorrow?" 
A few weeks ago he didn't say it and I didn't think anything of it, but was of course expecting to change the bed the next day.
I was therefore surprised when he came along later in the day ... a huge effort for him...to say "ok to change the bedding tomorrow?"
I told him of course it was, and to take it as red that every Wednesday we would change the bed...he didn't need to come and make a special effort to ask me...but he said "no..I would never take for granted anything you do for me"
What a gentleman!
So, on my return from visiting our friend, my heart sank when I saw him slowly walking to my door...I remembered it was Tuesday and he hadn't made his usual comment...if only  I had remembered this morning!
Whilst it is lovely of him to be so appreciative, I do worry about the hazards of him coming out.
He doesn't leave the house these days....so to walk, even just next door, is a huge effort and one fraught with danger...steps to go up and down, uneven pavement, no wall to hold on to across the driveway etc.
What was even worse, he had popped along when we were out!
He said that as he was coming along a lady stopped him and asked if he needed any help!
That is a measure of how much effort he visibly has to put in to getting from A to B.
I made sure  he was safely behind his front door before I closed mine.
Just as I  was getting dinner sorted, the doorbell went again...this time it was his son...with this chicken for my freezer...how kind!
This is what greeted me in the bathroom today!
Teen Two went off to school this morning feeling under the weather...sore throat, tight chest, runny nose etc.
I took his temperature and it was normal...so as it is Mocks week, I sent him off dosed up with painkillers and vitamin C,Vick rubbed in his chest and plenty of tissues in his blazer.
Sadly when he came home he was visibly worse and has a high temperature!
No sports club tonight and possibly no school tomorrow, we shall review the situation in the morning.
I made him a hot drink with freshly squeezed orange and honey, so hopefully that will do something for him.
The worst symptom at the moment is a raging sore throat.
We all know how painful that can be...and oddly enough I was only reading yesterday that marshmallows relieve sore throats!
So....Teen Two is experimenting to see if Marshmallows really are medicine!
Daily Blessing
Tuesday February 2, 2016
Today's Promise:
   For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.


  1. Marshmallows as medicine! Great idea - I might have to be sick more often!!!! Hope teen two feels better soon. Xxx

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  3. JD me wrote:
    I think you need to make yourself a card to remind yourself to tell him that you will change his bed on Wednesday!! Poor man it must be so frustrating for him!!!
    Hope Teen Two feels better soon. Does hot chocolate go with the marshmallows?xx

    1. Hot chocolate and marshmallows...don't encourage him!