Tuesday, 16 February 2016

A Day On The Farm

Today's half term activity with Teen Two is probably his all time favourite....a visit to a hands on activity farm.
He never seems to tire of it.
Today we had the pleasure of taking his cousin with us, who is autistic and also Grandma.
It is the first time we have taken Cousin J out for the day and I was a little uncertain how he would cope.
But last night I gave him a copy of the directions....he is map mad....and asked him to make sure I kept on the right roads!
He was true to his promise and at one point told me it was about time I changed lanes or I would end up on the wrong motorway!
I also printed out a copy of the feeding times, so he knew what to expect throughout the day.
There were a few things I hadn't thought to cover...when we were going to eat and what we were going to do when we left, what route we were going to take etc.
After asking me several times, and getting the same answer each time, that seemed to satisfy him and he didn't ask again.
I was hoping the repetitive questioning wasn't a sign he was anxious...if it was, I must have given the right answers each time, thankfully!
There was a fair bit of walking and a fair bit of queuing for each feeding session...but neither Teen complained.
It was Grandma who felt it, standing in the cold is not so good when you are in your 80's but she did very well.
Teen Two is much more hands on with the animals...whereas Cousin J insisted on keeping his gloves on the whole time.
And where Teen Two cant get enough of holding these dear two day old chicks...Cousin J couldn't be persuaded to hold one even with his gloves on...so Grandma held it...a first for her, she was quietly thrilled to have such an experience!
Cousin J was happy to hold the baby guinea pigs in the cap provided...but wasn't keen to stroke it...where as Teen Two is straight in there!
He did brave a stroke with the rabbits...
...and a quick brush of the goats....
...whereas Teen Two could have stayed all day with the animals.
Cousin J is hoping to start a small animal handling course at college in September.
I imagine some confidence building around the handling of animals is part of the course.
I do wonder if maybe Teen Two would enjoy such a course, learning the different needs of each animal etc...its something I have wondered about for a while now and will look into I think.
Both Teens enjoyed a bounce on the trampolines and it was good to see them laughing together.
The visit is not complete without a trip to the gift shop.
Teen Two still has some Christmas money, so chose a soft toy guinea pig as a reminder of the baby one he held today.
I saw this ceramic serving tray...only £4.95 and decided to treat myself.
The weather has been bright and sunny today, but very cold...so I am glad to be home, with the woodburner pumping out the heat to keep us warm.
I am looking forward to hearing how our niece got on with her Uni interview today.
Her mum is going to give Teen One a mock interview tonight...she deliberately wont ask any of the questions that are likely to come up at the real interview (that would be cheating!) but will be able to give her some constructive criticism.
Teen One has an interview at the Uni her auntie teaches at next month but auntie obviously isn't going to be on the panel, but is hoping to be able to do the tour for us.
Daily Blessing
Tuesday February 16, 2016
Today's Promise:
   ...the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

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