Thursday, 3 December 2015

You've Just Got To Love Sparklebox!

Walk into almost any Primary school in the land, and you are sure to see some wonderful wall displays, signs, posters and games.
Chances are they are from the free printable Sparklebox site.
It is primarily a resource site for teachers, but I am sure there are many parents and folk like me, who do a lot of work with children, who find it an invaluable resource, and all free!
I wish I had known about it when my own children were glorious our walls would have looked!
They were always filled with educational posters, signs, pictures the teeny teens had created etc , but these Sparklebox ones are so much better and cover so many topics.
As well as printing off the above nativity colouring in pictures, which has such beautifully simple artwork....
...I also printed off some playdough mats and then laminated them.
These are always a hit with the toddlers and older Friday kids alike.
I thought the snowmen looked like really cheery chappies, so printed off a few of them.
The craft activity today was the responsibility of dear Peggy, who is in her mid 80's.
She cut out all these boxes by hand.
Once assembled and the tots back to their play...she filled each basket with some white chocolate penguins ( from M&S as usual!) all wrapped up.
What a surprise those little ones will have when they get home!

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