Sunday, 13 December 2015

What Makes A Good Yorkshire Pudding?

With yesterday being such a long day, we really should have set the alarm this morning!
Teen Two is usually up early no matter what the day or what the day before was like...he clearly is starting to turn into a regular Teen as he too slept in!
Our usual leisurely cup of tea and ginger biccie was  not so leisurely!
I always pop in to my Recycled Teenager next door around was time to be showered and dressed....I quickly threw some clothes on over my PJ's and nipped next doubt looking more asleep than awake!
Being out all day yesterday, meant today was catch up day with the washing.
Sadly it wasn't a bright sunny day, so the washing line didn't get thankful I am for the tumble dryer.
Being Sunday, you know by now it was a roast for lunch.
Every week we have Yorkshire matter the meat ( they are traditionally eaten with beef)
Even though I make them every week...the same way...some weeks they turn out better than others.
I forgot to take a picture, so have borrowed this one...however...everyone agreed, they were perfect today!
The only difference in the ingredients was I added a bit of water as the mixture felt a bit too thick.
My late neighbour always used 100% milk at all, some people use all milk or half and half.
Maybe I will try her method one day and see how they turn out.
My Yorkshire Pudding ingredients are:
150ml milk
2 oz plain flour
I egg
dash of salt.
I know, I know... I am mixing imperial and metric measurements...its a long story...but it generally works out ok!
Grandma's Yorkshire's are made using a ramekin dish and uses equal quantities of egg, milk and flour.
Any cup/pot/dish will do, its the equal quantities that is important here.
With the extra egg mixture these make for really big Yorkshires....Mmmmmm!
Yorkshire puddings are an integral part of our family life and are a great British tradition, but they are of course really a great Yorkshire tradition, made and eaten very differently to how we are mostly familiar with.
My late grandmother always made one big Yorkshire pudding in a large roasting dish...she never measured anything  out and it mostly turned out scrummy.
When we visit friends in the US, they often ask me to make Yorkshire's and feel very excited about a real British woman making real Yorkshires for them!
I always remind them I may be British but I am not from Yorkshire...they are the real experts!
There was no "after dinner Scrabble" today!
I know.... a break from tradition!
What is the world coming too!
By the time I had cleared up the kitchen, done a chore of two, returned to the living room...hubby and Grandma were sound asleep!
It gave me the opportunity to catch up on one or two other bits and pieces before they woke up in time for tea!
Tomorrow starts the last week of school before the Christmas break...I want to get as much done as I can so I can enjoy the time with the Teens.
I am not as ahead of the game as I would like to be, every year it happens...I make all sorts of promises to myself that next year will be here I go year I WILL be more organised!

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