Thursday, 31 December 2015

Tuesday 29th Dec: An Early Start For Devon

Part two of our Christmas festivities started rather early....we left the house as planned ( which was a miracle!) at just after 5.30am
After an hour on the road, we were all in the mood for some breakfast, so treated ourselves to a McDonalds...I can vouch for their very yummy pancakes with warm syrup!

After another couple of hours on the road the sun finally made an appearance!
Before we knew it, we were back in the rolling hills of Devon....
...and back to the village that has given our Teens so many wonderful memories and become our second home.
Our rooms always have little treats awaiting us.
Every year we find the latest M&S  musical biscuit tin...always a highlight...
...Teen One had this delightful array of goodies awaiting her...including a hand knitted "Minion Sister" which was perfect for her Minion loving brother...
...who found all sorts of Minion themed goodies in his room....
...much to his delight....
...including shower gel in the bathroom!
This year, even the landing was decorated for us!
As well as catching up with was lovely to meet "The Story Telling Mouse" from
who I have seen come to life on FQ2FF
Family Christmas's in Devon, usually entail some homemade presents...of which we have been the recipients of some amazing ones this year!
Tomorrow I will share those treats with you, but to end today's catch up ( didn't manage to get internet access down there!) I can now show you what Teen One was working on as her contribution.
Above are Doggie Treats which we had seen on "Kirstie's Homemade Christmas" TV programme.
They were fun to make and all the doggie recipients appear to have enjoyed their treats.
She also made a last minute present for Grandad.
It was a rather rushed present as we had been waiting to hear what his favourite Bible verse was...with Grandma being ill, it wasn't possible to find out until a few hours before we started to pack up the car for Devon.
Next year we have promised ourselves to be more organised, to avoid last minute rushes!
I wonder if we will succeed!

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