Saturday, 5 December 2015

The Tree Is Up!

As planned, this morning we headed off early for Ikea.
We indulged in a rather larger than we expected breakfast, followed by a mooch around the store, and finally, the main reason for going...buying the Christmas tree.
Teen Two takes great pride in being able to carry it single handed!
We chose the smallest one they had as we have limited space, but it's still quite large!
The afternoon saw the Teens get the tree decorated...Teen One did the lion's share it has to be said.
Initially there was a little issue with the star...
...but we got that sorted pretty easily.
Our tree is always bedecked with ornaments the Teens have made over the years, handmade gifts from friends and family and as much tinsel as Teen One can get on there!
Every year as we open the box of decorations, we are always taken on a trip down memory lane.
Some of our decorations are "inherited" from various Recycled Teenagers in our lives, it really is an eclectic mix!
The rest of the house is staring to take on a festive look.
This is one of my favourite decorations...I was part of a round robin in a sewing group a few years ago, we all made a single bunting to send on to someone, with a particular theme each month.
I think I got the better end of the deal each month!
This was our Christmas card from FQ2FF two or three years ago... isn't it great!
This angel was also part of a swap
Buying decorations/ornaments is not something I generally indulge in...but I fell in love with this in last year's sale. We haven't found the perfect spot for it yet, or the perfect size candle to go in the middle....its got a very big diameter in the middle for a large candle...but a small tea light would make the fire look like it was which to go for ??
I fell in love with this moose the other year in The Range...imagine my delight when I saw him reduced to a couple of pound after Christmas!
It was his lovely  knitted cable jacket I really fell for!
Several years ago Teen Two was given this dear little nativity set for Christmas.
It had a lovely camel and donkey too....but a certain chocolate brown Labrador pup, who shall remain nameless...chewed the animals up.....poor Teen Two was so upset...he couldn't bear to see the set after that....this year is the first year I have had it out since then...I am hoping he has forgotten!
Monday my Recycled Teenager next door is 92.
He used to love his late wife's jam tarts and used to say no one could make pastry like she could.
Well I am certainly not going to try and compete with her, but thought he might be missing the taste of home made tarts.
I was going to make him a cake, but one or two of her friends still keep in contact and are keen bakers, so I thought I would steer clear of  that.
He doesn't like his birthday being celebrated and what a fuss he made over his 90th when his son wanted to bring fish and chips in!
"I won't eat them!" he said!!
Thankfully he did...but I know making a fuss of him is not going to put him in a good it will be just a little tin of these humble jam tarts and maybe a peck on the cheek!
This afternoon the son in law of my Monday Recycled Teenager brought round a car load of wood.
He works for a timber yard and he is able to get off cuts for us for free!
He brought several bags like this...
...which Teen Two dragged round to the shed for us.
We are very grateful for all his efforts....every little help when it comes to saving on the fuel bills!
For lunch we had the pumpkin soup from yesterday...which everyone said was delicious.
It was so thick the spoon stood up in it!!
I did add some water to thin it down a bit...but to be honest we all seemed to enjoy the plump texture and it was certainly much so, we have all decided to abandon any thoughts of having a proper evening meal!

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