Friday, 11 December 2015

The Snowball!

Well today has been dedicated to last minute preparations for our Carol Service.
Bearing in mind we are a very small congregation...just over a dozen, we are used to seeing more empty seats than used ones.
Tonight was completely different.
We put out over 80 seats and had standing room only by the start of the service!
It was wonderful to see so many people out and makes all the hard work worth it.
As you can see...this is "The Snowball!"
A simple, hand made item, nothing techy or flashy about it...and yet the joy this has brought to hundreds of children over the years is amazing.
The snowball was made by my late father in law a few decades ago...and really needs pensioning off, but I think the kids would be miss it so much, we daren't!
Needless to say, with much excitement the children all rushed forward to play "tug of war" with the handles....what a big wow factor as well when all the presents poured out!
Noise levels rose to a ridiculous level...but if kid's cant make a racquet at this time of year when can they!
All of our little ones remembered their Bible verse and sign language as well as all the songs.
We sing a song about Daniel, part way through they have to roar like a lion...I told them to really go for it....boy did they go for it!
How the parents and grandparents laughed though!
So....with all the clearing up now down, its time for a little unwind before planning our day for tomorrow...we are off to London for a West End Show and to see the Christmas lights.....good job we aren't worn out....not!

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  1. Sounds brilliant - glad the kids all enjoyed themselves