Sunday, 20 December 2015

The Hills Are Alive....

This morning was of course church, followed by a Sunday roast.
As usual, I took my Recycled Teenager next door his dinner.
I know I have shown this handy carrier before...but it has been so useful and something I use every single week, I wanted to show it again...and what it looks like inside...
...this was a present from FQ2FF  a year or two ago and has been in constant use ever since!
Last week I was discussing Yorkshire puddings...this week they turned out pretty good....but you can be sure when I make them again on Christmas day for visitors, they will be flat as pancakes!!
Teen One, as per usual, spent the afternoon doing homework...
...this doesn't make any sense to me though!
Hubby spent the afternoon preparing for preaching tonight.... that left just Grandma and I for Scrabble...and I won!
Tonight we are watching The Sound Of Music Live and have spotted a few subtle changes to the original...but just as enjoyable, and so funny to see faces we are familiar with from other programmes!

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