Friday, 4 December 2015

The Decorations Are Out!

Today saw me putting away all the autumnal decorations and bringing the Christmas decorations out of the attic.
Thankfully for me, the attic is a simple walk up the stairs....I still haven't got used  to having a fourth bedroom in the house, but its so much easier at this time of the more getting the loft ladder down and trying to bring boxes down it!
The bay has been cleared ready for the tree to go up.
We used to buy a tree locally each year, just a short walk round our pond to the greengrocer.
He used to go out and chop the trees down himself, they used to cost between £10 -£15.
About few years ago he started buying them in, most people seemed to want the needles that don't drop, which is all well and good, but it doubled the price of the tree.
£30+ for a few weeks at the most was just too much for us.
So, for the past three years we have bought our tree from Ikea.
It costs £25 and comes with a £20 voucher to be used in January.
So in effect, the tree costs a fiver, and is a good excuse for their £1.50 brekkie!
Tomorrow we will go and collect it and then the rest of the day will be spent decorating the house and of course the tree.
With the fireplace cleared of our leaves, conkers, gourds and of course was time to make pumpkin soup.
Chopping up the pumpkin is my least favourite job I think, but it pays dividends!
Into the pan of water went the pumpkin, a roughly chopped onion, a good cupful of red lentils and some Polish seasoning (from Lidl)
Teen Two and I have just sampled it ( some two hours after I made it) and its delicious!
He can't wait for his lunch tomorrow he says!
For the past couple of years Teen One has made the most delicious cranberry sauce, using a recipe her Grandma passed on.
Its super delicious and I will share the recipe with you when she makes it.
I generally pay £2 a punnet for the cranberries ( cheaper if they are out of date and just as good) but today Lidl's had them for £1.29.
Tonight was the last part of the Nativity story and the last Friday club till the new year...not that we get to rest between now and then!
Next week will be the Carol Service, which is our busiest service of the year...traditionally its standing room only, we hope its the same this year.
The following week is the children's less hectic and lots of clearing up to do...but its always good to see red faced sweaty children leaving the  church hall, going out into the chilly evening air!

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