Saturday, 12 December 2015

Take A Walk Through London With Us

Today we went to London.
Always an exciting and vibrant place to be in...but you need to pace yourself and be well organised if you are to fit in all you want to see.
We parked the car at Hampton Court and took the train in to Waterloo...where our London adventure begins....
...we hadn't even left the station when we saw more Santa's in one place than we have ever seen before...all on bicycles!
We walked over the Golden Jubilee Bridge, taking time to admire Cleopatra's Needle... has a very interesting history,  but for us the most interesting part, was learning from Hubby, inside a time capsule, placed in the front part of the pedestal when it was erected in 1878, amongst other things, are copies of the Bible in several languages and John 3 v 16 in 215 languages.
We had not walked very far, having crossed the Thames, when we came across this statue... is of Robert Raikes who was the founder of Sunday School's.
Having spent many years as Sunday school teachers ourselves, it was fascinating to learn how we have got to where we are today.
Our job is much easier than Robert Raikes...but the gospel message we share with them is the same and found in that verse we had just learnt was inside Cleopatra's Needle.
As we continued our walk, we passed some stunning wreaths...
....huge wreaths...on doors so huge they need two!
And the doors just seemed to get bigger!
Our first port of call was Covent Garden.
The giant mistletoe decorations were was the music from the string quartet.
There is always something new to see at Covent Garden, so many artisans and crafters.
These new loos were a first for me!
They looked very posh indeed!

Whittards is always a pleasure to visit....we sampled some white chocolate tea....interesting...but not sure it really works!
Street entertainers are always popular with the Teens...
...and of course this Lego train, complete with steam was a big hit with Teen Two... really was an amazing piece of work.
There are many interesting shops around Covent Garden... including this new stationery store,
For lunch we had booked a reservation at our favourite pizza house, Fire and Stone and of course we had our usual game of Uno whilst waiting for the pizza's to be cooked.
Each pizza is named after a city around the world.
Today I went for Casablana which had very unusual toppings...butternut squash, red onions, pine nuts, dried apricots, courgettes and minted yogurt.
It was very tasty indeed!
After lunch we had a mooch round the London Transport Museum shop.
It was very much a Hubby shop and he was delighted to add a model of the new London bus to his very large collection of model vehicles.
Our next stop was one of the main reasons for visiting the see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
Teen Two has been eager to see it for a couple of years, so we have finally ticked that one off his wish list.
It was brilliant, very true to the film we are all familiar with, with brilliant effects.
The one minor disappointment was the songs were different, apart from "World of your Imagination"
I love the Oompa Loopa song and was surprised it wasn't part of the show, however, everything was brilliant, and the child actors amazing.
Our final adventure for the day, was to see the Christmas lights of Oxford Street
We had looked forward to seeing the Selfridges displays, but they were not so interesting for us, based on astrological subjects and more mannequin based than last year.
A walk around the Food hall is a must...and how about these for eclairs...only £5.50 each!
These giant meringues took the Teens eye, and at £1.99 each they were more within our budget!
Teen One chose a strawberry one and Teen Two chocolate.
There were many other amazing counters, but we would be here all day if I uploaded them all!
Back outside, the smell of chestnuts roasting really made it feel seasonal...
...and carols played on steel drums  made for a very upbeat Christmassy feel!
We are all so familiar with the John Lewis Christmas ad, it was rather heartwarming to see their window display.
As we made our way back to the Underground, at almost every turn there were amazing light displays....
....finally we reached the Underground....weary worn and tired, as my nan used to say.
Our feet had done us proud but they were in need of a rest now.
Days out to London start early and of course end pretty late, and no matter how much we fit in, one always feels we haven't even scratched the surface!
I hope you have enjoyed your walk through London with us, and maybe feel inspired to visit yourself one day!

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