Thursday, 10 December 2015

Oh For A Quiet Night In!

Today, being Thursday was of course Mother and Toddlers at church.
Before everyone arrived, I had the job of filling a giant paper mache snowball with all the presents for Friday Club.
I forgot to take my camera...hopefully I will remember to take it tomorrow.
It's quite a task threading up the ball at the end....tomorrow at the end of the Carol Service the children will all clamber over each other to have a "tug of war" at pulling the snowball apart...watching all those presents cascade out is rather magical...especially for the newbies.
No matter how many or how few children we have on a Thursday...the mess is more or less the same!
By the time I had cleared up, sorted out the seating for the Carol Service and got home...I was ready for a rest....
...but of course Thursday's are not rest days for me by a long chalk!
I had time for a cuppa and a bit of sit down before heading next door for the cleaning.
Just as I was thinking about finishing up and heading home to get dinner ready, and then have a rest before starting with the piano/footy run, I had a call from school....Teen Two had another migraine...would I come and collect him.
So back in the car it was and over to collect the poorly lad.
Having brought him home, I would say it was more of a headache than a migraine...having seen him with a migraine, which is very upsetting, I think this wasn't really on that level.
He is now home and tucked up in bed, and I am having five minutes to myself with a cuppa.
I am hoping that tonight I can grab my knitting needles and get cracking...or should that be clicking... to make that Santa hat.....last night was just too hectic ferrying hubby and Teen Two around.
Oh for a quiet night in!

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