Thursday, 17 December 2015

Not Just Any Bargain...An M&S Bargain!

Today has been a usual Thursday for me, Mother and Toddlers in the morning and cleaning for my Recycled Teenager next door in the afternoon.
Teen Two has been eager to re-visit Yo Sushi, so when I had an email today advertising "Blue Day" meaning everything was priced at £2.70 ( some items would normally be up to and over £5) I thought it would be a little treat to go over for supper and meet Hubby from work, which is close by.
Needless to say, Teen Two was elated!
We had a mooch around the shops afterwards, in very festive surroundings. Beautifully lit trees outside and of course lovely decorations in the shops.
Teen One and I had to laugh at these wooden mannequins, someone had put them all in poses...including Gangnam style!
The highlight of the trip for me was finding lots of yellow stickers in M&S Food Hall.
Almost £30 for £3!
Including, a bag of baby spinach for 10p!
I needed to buy some satsumas for tomorrows children's party and bagged some for 30p instead of £2.85!
You've just got to love a bargain...especially an M&S Bargain.
By the I the last to know about their "Sparks Card?"
I am now the proud owner of one...but if I only buy bargains like today, its going to take me a long time to accrue any points worth having!

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