Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Knitting Orders From Teen Two!

This time last year, our dear Mrs Recycled Teenager next door passed away.
Shortly before her short illness, knowing Teen Two's love of soft toys, she passed on part of her large collection.
When I brought the toys out last prompted Teen Two to put in a knitting order...
...a Santa hat for his Minecraft pig!
This afternoon I dug deep into my yarn stash and found just what I needed!
Tonight I will start creating the pattern.
This morning I drove to Chichester which is a beautiful town, with plenty of independent shops.
This morning it was beautiful, with the bright blue skies, sun streaming down...a little chilly yes, but it wouldn't seem right to hear carols in the warmth!
The local school choir were a joy to hear and added to the festive atmosphere.
There was a local craft market in town, which was a happy coincidence for my visit.
I generally make this trip with a friend, but she wasn't able to make it last week, this week or next I decided to go alone.
Not so much fun, and certainly no fun having coffee alone....I wasn't going to bother, but as I walked past Starbucks, I glanced in, just wondering how busy it was, but with no real intentions of going in ( although I was craving their fruit tea bread!)
Just as I glanced in I could see someone waving frantically at me...well...I wasn't sure it was me, the sun was so bright it was hard to see who it was, but after moving out of the sun I could see it was my sister in law!
We haven't seen each other since Christmas and she lives 30 miles away so I really wasn't expecting to bump into her!
Well that did it...I now had some company so could indulge in that yummy toasted treat and a gingerbread latte!
I was doubly pleased to see her as I needed her advice.
Her daughter is 21 in a few weeks and I had seen something on one of the craft stalls that took my eye, but I wasn't sure if it was her daughter's "thing."
Having described it to her, she felt it would be perfect, so after our catch up I went back to the stallholder....
...and was delighted to see these adorable little bunnies were still for sale.
All the items are "one of a kind" and there had been plenty of customers buying up the stock earlier.
Our niece has been nicknamed Bunny since she was born, so these silver enamel ear rings seemed the perfect present to celebrate her 21st with.
Last night I thought I would make Moussaka for a change.
Teen Two isn't keen on aubergine, but does love lasagne, so I did a bit of  "Greece meets Italy."
Using lamb mince and chopped onion, I left them to cook gently in the slow cooker.
Added some tomato puree to thicken, then using lasagne sheets, layered two lots of pasta and meat, then on the top layer added thinly sliced aubergine.
Covered the aubergines with cheese sauce which had two beaten eggs added to it.
It was very tasty and Teen Two managed to eat most of the aubergine.
It's worth experimenting sometimes isn't it!

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  1. I have a kindle that I take with me so that, if I fancy a cuppa, I have something to do if I'm on my own x