Friday, 25 December 2015

It's Christmas!

This morning started with Teen Two creeping in some time after 6am whispering "Happy Christmas"
No matter their age...they like to come and sit on our bed as they open their stocking presents.
This year was no exception.
With those presents he went downstairs we asked him to put the kettle on for a cuppa.
Shortly afterwards, he returned with a tray of tea for us all...ahh!
Teen One had by this time woken and come in with her it was time to go downstairs for the main event.
It's always as exciting for us parents, watching them open their presents...seeing something they have longed for appear in their it is for them receiving it I am sure!
The bible verse "it is better to give than receive" is certainly true.
Teen Two was thrilled with the games he had on his wish list and Teen One ...well...when she saw an "Apple" symbol on the box she had unwrapped...she stopped and looked in unbelief!
Having had a second hand old style phone for some time now, after much debate between Hubby and I about the justification of paying out for an Apple product...we ultimately plumped for an iPhone 5, figuring she really did deserve something more up to date and had never asked for anything so grand.. but we knew she would appreciate the quality.
So...imagine our huge disappointment when, having unwrapped the cellophane and taken the phone out of the box...she said " I think it's cracked!"
We couldn't believe it at first... surely it's just a mark...surely its a crease in the protective film...surely had a crack!
Just a small one on the top right hand side...but a crack none the less.
This was not what we had expected from this high quality and expensive was not what we had expected for our Teen One.
Now, lets get this  into perspective...we are healthy....we have our little peaceful home...we had the knowledge of a good dinner ahead of us...we have so much to be thankful a cracked screen is not the end of the is merely a disappointment....but one I was feeling keenly...more so for my Teen than myself of course...but as usual....not a word of disappointment from her.
Bless her, she just accepted the situation
As I am typing this, hubby has just commented...all sorts of kids will have received a perfect iPhone today...but their household is in turmoil....that's something to remember isn't it.
Hubby has spent sometime emailing Giff Gaff and they have got back straight away...thankfully we are still within the 30days return promise...just!
We have been sent a return form via email...tomorrow we will return the phone.
Of course we didn't actually realise the phone was going to be returned rather than Teen One has spent some time today uploading info on it...we hope we can work out how to delete it now!
Teen Two spent some time getting to grips with his new game...
...whilst I retreated to the kitchen.
I made three different sorts of stuffing...all with Paxo as the base.
I made one as per the pack , then a second adding some chestnuts we had roasted last night, together with dried cranberries.
The pack doesn't call for an egg...but my grandmother always added an egg to her stuffing so I have always done so too.
For the final was the family favourite...adding sausage meat.
I  was surprised to find the supermarket out of sausage meat on Wednesday  (makes a mental note to by ahead next year) so I bought sausages instead and just squeezed the meat out of the casing.
My trusty casserole holder  came in a turkey warmer!
I was relieved that the Yorkshires rose to the occasion!
I even made some without fat that rose as well!
One of our visitors has to have a fat free diet as she has gallbladder I used baking parchment to line the tins with and aside from the fact they didn't have holes at the top, they came out pretty good....shame I forgot to take a piccie!
The dinner was a success...and of course I was relieved when it was over ( and must confess to having abandoned the clearing up until tomorrow...aside from what fitted into the dishwasher!)
After dinner, our 83 year old lady from church who is extremely unwell, and her nephew who came down from Manchester to be with her...joined us in a game of "what's in the bag."
My mother in law made these bags on her old treadle sewing machine...about 60 years they have really stood the test of time!
With the guests back was time to see Hubby's family for tea.
It's just a short walk away... and it was good to walk!
My sister in law had made this cornflake wreath for the was great fun and tasty too!
My salads went down a treat, as did the panettone Christmas tree I had bought in Morrisons.
We are now back home...and for the first time all day...the TV is on!
Teen One and I have been eagerly awaiting tonight's Downton Abbey...although sad it's the final one!
It's been an unusual Christmas day for several reasons....but we are thankful for the many blessings we can easily take for granted...not least for the fact Grandma down south has started to make some progress with her health issues.

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  1. Happy Christmas to you all! Sorry about the phone!!