Sunday, 27 December 2015

Hooked on Word Brain!

Being Sunday, this morning started with church as usual, followed by lunch...which for a change was not a roast...but leftovers.
Over Christmas a friend introduced us to a downloadable game called "Wordbrain"
I am not one that plays online games very often...partly due to not have a smart phone or tablet I guess, but last night, tired of knitting and slightly bored with the TV, I downloaded Wordbrain onto the laptop...and was hooked for an hour or so!
During the evening Hubby also downloaded the game and then today Teen One did the same.
Knowing Grandma's love of crosswords and Scrabble I suggested Teen One show Grandma the game.
Grandma, it must be said has no interest in online activities at all...but was instantly hooked!
The week leading up to Christmas, Teen One and I were watching Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood discuss Pandoro versus Panettone...both of which are traditional Italian Christmas enriched breads.
I clearly have led a sheltered life as up until the programme, I had never realised the bread should be cut into "stars" and then layered to look like a Christmas tree!
It also resembled a fir cone we thought!
It was very tasty and so attractive, we will definitely be buying one again next year.
It was double Scrabble this afternoon and somehow I managed to win both games.
All the wordbraining must be paying off!

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