Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Gingerbread Popcorn and Lattes

For some reason I woke up at silly o'clock again....4.18am!
I lay there as long as I could, but with sleep still evading me, and so many things to do, I decided to get up.
Having had a cuppa, emptied the dishwasher etc, I looked for another quiet job...putting the marzipan on the cake....
...it won't win any prizes for neatness, but once the icing is on who's going to know!
I glanced at the clock, thinking it must be way after 7am....nope....just after 6am!
I managed to fill in the time until it was time for the shops to open.
I don't know why, but Pandora jewellery shop has had huge queues for the past fortnight and today was no exception...and it wasn't even open!
Are they giving it away I wondered?
Once home I got on with a job I have been trying to get to for ages...a spot of sewing.
However, I wished I hadn't bothered!
What was supposed to be a ten minute job ( at the most) ended up taking eons and even then it was a rubbish job!!
I don't know what is wrong with the machine, but it wasn't feeding the fabric through....I had to pull it through from the back...which resulted in....
...the wiggliest stitching ever!
Now I know there is a quilting design called the drunkards path, which is very attractive...but there is nothing attractive about this dodgy stitching!
This poor machine is in dire need of a service I think...and this poor sewer is in dire need of some education as to how to use the tension wheel and the like!
Hubby has always been a big Charlie Brown fan, so when we heard there was a film coming out, we eagerly looked forward to a time when we could watch it.
With the end of the year near, Hubby realised he had four hours of leave left, so we decided to meet him at a new cinema near to his work.
The queues to get in to the complex were incredible and we thought we were going to be late...but we only missed the ads thankfully.
It was a heartwarming film, where the hapless Charlie Brown wins over his sweetheart with his compassion, honesty and charm.
I had seen this popcorn in Poundland the other day...and it just had to be tried.
It was very tasty and very gingery.
Having a coffee together is something we rarely do, so to finish off the lovely afternoon we treated ourselves to a Costa.
Hubby and I ordered a gingerbread latte...which the barista omitted to add any syrup to...when I asked a passing member of staff if it was possible to have some syrup added...he came back with two fresh lattes!
Having almost finished the first...we were rather awash with coffee by the end of it!
Good job we had ordered small ones!
The Teens love Costa's white hot chocolate, it isn't around all year round so is a real treat.
There was a paper on our table, and as it was near the end of the day, we felt it was ok to do the crossword...and between us we completed it.
As we walked back to the car, we saw these adorable bronze deer, they were so life like!
We were stuck in traffic for absolutely ages coming home, but once home Teen One cracked on with another homemade present.
You will have to wait a few days before you can see what it is.
Tomorrow I hope to buy all the fresh food ready for the big day, and avoid all the shops on Christmas Eve...judging by how busy the shops have been for the past few days I am not looking forward to tomorrow's trip!


  1. I think you have too much on your mind!! You should be able to sleep later than you are at the moment. Hopefully when Christmas is over you will be able to catch up. Sounds as though you had a lovely day. Maybe fq2ff will be able to help. Xxx

  2. I think that you need to start from the beginning - take the plate up and give everything a good clean - remember how much disgusting fluff was hiding in mine? I am wary about changing tension unless the fabric is so thick / thin that it demands it.